Brazil’s wood-based product exports down 4.4% in March

Brazil’s wood-based product exports down 4.4% in March

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Lesprom– In March 2020, the Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) declined 4.4% in value compared to March 2019, from $276 million to $264 million, as ITTO reported.

The value of pine sawnwood exports in March dropped 22% year-on-year ($50 million 2019 and $39 million March 2020). The volume of exports fell 18% over the same period, from 261,300 m3 to 213,400 m3.

Tropical sawnwood exports decreased 28% in volume, from 47,100 m3 in March 2019 to 34,000 m3 in March 2020. In value terms exports also dropped 28% from $20 million to $14.4 million, over the same period.

Pine plywood exports in March fell 23% in value year-on-year from $55.9 million to $43.1 million. The volume of exports also dropped but by a lesser amount decreasing 11% from 204,700 m3 to 182,400 m3.

March 2020 tropical plywood exports plummeted over 50% in terms of volume and by 44% in value from 9,600 m3 ($3.6 million) in March 2019 to 4,600 m3 ($2 million) in March 2020.

In contrast to the general decline in exports, wooden furniture exports in March 2020 rose from $44.6 million in March 2019 to $46.2 million in March 2020. However the value of furniture exports in the 1Q 2020 illustrated the impact of the virus pandemic.

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