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Anderson Plywood- Hardwood Plywood is 합판 which has a face and back veneer of hardwood as opposed to a softwood such as pine, cedar, spruce etc. Hardwood plywood panel comprises of a core made from either softwood or hardwood then faced and backed with a veneer of finish or stain grade hardwood and therefore can be used in the manufacture of furniture, cabinets, millwork and other decorative applications.

It’s no wonder that hardwood plywood long ago supplanted solid lumber as the material of choice for built-ins, cabinets and many kinds of furniture. More stable than solid wood and available in many grades and species, plywood is relatively economical.


Alder, Ash, Beech, Birch, Bamboo, Cherry, Hickory, Mahogany, Maple, Poplar, Oak, Teak, Walnut, Wenge, Zebrawood and much more.

Note, plywood which has a face and back veneer of softwood such as Fir (vertical grain), Clear Pine, Cedar or Knotty Pine may also be considered “hardwood plywood’s” as they are used for decorative purpose

Alder Wood Example
Bamboo Plywood Example
Cedar Plywood Example
Finland Color-ply Phenolic Plywood
Mohogany Khaya Plywood
Maple Multiply Plywood
Palm Wood Example
Walnut Plywood
Ash Plywood
Beech Plywood
Cherry Plywood
Fir Plywood
Mohogany Sapele Plywood
Oak Red Plywood
Pine Knotty
Wenge Plywood
Baltic Birth Plywood
자작 나무
Euro Ply Phenolic Plywood
Luan Meranti Plywood
Maple Plywood
Oak White Plywood
Teak Plywood
Zebra Wood


Hardwood Plywood is used in millwork for the crafting of furniture, cabinets, chests, built-in closets, kitchens, architectural applications, doors, paneling, toys, musical instruments, sporting equipment, skateboards etc.

Most Hardwood plywood is made with Formaldehyde free glues which are not moisture resistant and are therefore Interior Grade panels. Certain specialty applications such as the Marine Industry, use exterior grade Hardwood Plywood which is available by special order. Many thicknesses, sizes, and grades are available.

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