PackPly Extra

Product Description

PackPly Extra is two-time hotpress packing plywood with Bintangor or Okume face back. PackPly Extra has stable moisture content and tolerance to serve strict requirements for shipping crate or box making.

Technical Options


PackPly uses Mixed Grade Tropical wood for light weight purposes.


PackPly Extra uses 100% MR Glue for best moisture resistant purposes.


Surface uses Bintangor or Okume A/B faces.


With 30+ years of experience in plywood making, 비나 우드 is proud to say our plywood is very consistent in quality.

PackPly Extra Plywood
Size 1220×2440 mm
910×1820 mm
두께 4.5 – 21 mm
Glue type MR Glue
Core Mixed Grade Tropical Wood
Surface A/B Bintangor or Okume
밀도 400kg/m3
수분량 <=15%
Purposes Packing, crate making
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