LVL 기본

Product Description

LVL Basic is a type of Laminated Veneer Lumber for a wide range of purposes such as packing, door frame, and furniture frame.

Technical Options


LVL Basic uses Mixed Grade Tropical Wood species for strength


MR Glue is used to make PackPly for limited moisture resistant.


Surface is lightly sanded for good tolerance and smoother surface.


With 30+ years of experience in plywood making, 비나 우드 is proud to say our plywood is very consistent in quality.

LVL 기본
Size 1090 x 43 mm
680 x 43 mm
662 x 43 mm
1108 x 43 mm
2400 x 43 mm
Other sizes are available
두께 9 – 50+ mm
Glue type MR Glue
Core Mixed Grade Tropical Wood
Surface 샌디 드 코어
밀도 500kg/m3
수분량 <=15%
Purposes Packing, crate making
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