Nscl – Mr. Nguyen Ton Quyen, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association (VIFORES), said that not only the wood processing industry but also the current industries must have high labor productivity, good quality. In order for this to apply new technology, but to have new technology, there must be funding, employees, highly skilled and high-tech workers. Besides, the training of high-tech workers must also be more focused to meet the requirements of modern machinery operation.

According to experts, now many businesses have paid attention to invest, research and put into application the production and supply of equipment and machinery, auxiliary products to enhance competing capability and replace imported products. However, this machinery system is still incomplete. Therefore, for the wood processing industry to break through in 2019, businesses need to promote the application of technology.

As enterprises are investing quite reasonably for new technology, Ms. Do Thi Kim Loan, General Director of Sao Nam Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said, with the goal of exporting 20 million USD in 2019, the company has invested a lot of modern systems of machines and equipment to increase labor productivity, reduce costs and meet the orders of markets. “In the past, we followed the German machinery import chain, we focused on the flooring field using technology from Germany, Italy and Austria. This year we will also invest according to that process, and enhance modern machines to achieve the export target,” Ms.Loan shared.

In fact, not only Sao Nam company but also many other enterprises in the industry consider this a general direction for wood processing industry. According to Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang, Chairman of Scansia Pacific Company, in addition to promoting afforestation through association with farmers, from 2018 until now this enterprise has started to expand investment with a capital of up to several million USD. Similarly, in order to meet orders of high industrial value from importers, AA Construction Architecture Joint Stock Company has just imported a wood processing machine with the price of more than 1 million USD.

According to experts, if compared to the leading exporters from Germany, Italy and Poland, Vietnam’s wood processing industry is still not equal because their products are in the high segment and their automated production lines almost 100%. But with many businesses are simultaneously importing into very modern machinery and equipment as well as investing more in management and production so in the near future, Vietnam’s wood processing industry will have many competitive products in the high-end segment, comparable to those of advanced science.

It can be seen that, in the context of the revolution 4.0, the investment in modern machinery and equipment is an essential requirement for enterprises to improve productivity, at the same time improve competitiveness and dominate the market.

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