Indulgexpress- At a time when health is wealth, Austin Plywood showed that it cares for its big family. The manufacturers of premium plywood in India, organised a workshop with city’s top trainers and fitness experts to share their insight for a healthy living.

The panellist included Hena Nafis, one of the renowned health and nutrition consultants in Eastern India; Neeraj Surana who is the Operations Director of one of the leading chain of fitness brand, Rush Fitness Club and is also a fitness trainer and consultant as well; Yash Agarwal, a certified trainer and fitness expert from K11 Academy of Fitness and Science; Shikha Agarwal, a well-known nutritionist, health, wellness and weight management consultant and Sneha Ghosh an expert proponent and trainer in yoga.

The session veered from stressing on the importance of a well-balanced diet to the importance of physical fitness especially during these difficult times and more. We have always believed our employees, dealers, contractors and everyone associated with Austin Plywood to be one big family and ensuring their health and safety is something we consider to be our responsibility, and hence we decided to launch a program like this,” said Surendra Agarwal, MD of Austin Plywood.

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