Block Boards

Craftveneerworld – What & How: Our Mr-Grade and BWP-Grade Block Boards are ideal for exterior for horizontal and vertical applications. Our block boards are made from preservative-treated, seasoned moderator hardwood and veneer and bonded with melamine-formaldehyde adhesive. For bonding of MR-Grade block board veneers, we use interior-grade melamine-formaldehyde adhesive and for BWP Grade, we use exterior-grade BWP polymer-based adhesive.

Why: Durability, high sustenance, availability of fire-retardant grades and natural decorative veneer-faced block boards.

Where : MR Grade for interior application and BWP grade for exterior application in panelling, furniture, door panels, window panels, cupboard, etc.,

Flush Doors

What & How : Our Flush Doors & Panel have a smooth & flawless surface finish that is ideal for interior & exterior application. Manufactured from high-quality, selected preservative-treated veneers & well-seasoned tropical hard wood, these are treated with anti-microbiol organism b yvacuumim pregnation to prevent decay. For frames, we use seasoned, joint less, preservative-treated hard wood with lock facility. For panel doors, we use particle boards, MDF & Plywood. For surfaces, we use natural wood veneers or decorative veneers to suit requirements.

Why : Dimensionally stable, rigid, durable, decay proof, can be painted or polished, availability of customized doors, availability of fire-retardant variants.

Where : Indoor & Outdoor application in domestic & Commercial establishments.


What & How : Our High-Quality and High-Resistance MR-Grade General Purpose Plywood is ideal for Superior-Quality Exterior and Interior application in hot and humid location. Made from moderatory hardwood veneers and thermosetting bonded with MR-type resin, our veneers are preservative treated by the soaking method using anti-mycological substances to prevent insect infestation.

Why : Ability to withstand boiling water, cold water, climatic variations and borer and termite attacks.

Where : Exterior furniture and fixtures, kitchen and bathroom woodwork, automotive bodies, railway coaches, partitions, door panels inserts.


What & How : Our versatile, ready-to-use smart BWR-grade Plywood is the preferred choice for woodwork and is ideal for use in hot and humid climatic condition. The veneers are made from moderator rdwood & bonded with exterior-grade polymer based synthetic adhesive controlled temperature & pressure

Why : Ability to withstand boiling water, cold water, climatic variations, borer & termite attacks, moisture resistance.

Where : All kinds of interior and exterior furnishing application, especially for use in furniture, cupboards, wardrobes ceilings, paneling & special packaging.


What & How : Our Film-faced Shuttering Plywood is ideal for optimized & economical shuttering application. It is manufactured using preservative treated tropical hardwood & exterior grades Synthetic resin. We use BWP-grade, Polymer-based synthetic adhesive & 360-gsm synthetic polymer films on the surface for a mirror finish making plastering unnecessary.

Why : Dimensionally stable, non-water absorbent surface, high load-bearing strength.

Where : All horizontal & vertical shuttering purpose.

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