Woodalert – The government launched on Monday, a strategic committee of industry (CSF) involving all stakeholders in the wood industry, with the objective of industrial development of the sector and the signing a pathway for the summer.

“This is the first time that the entire chain of the forest and wood is recognized as equal to other strategic industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautics)”, said the ministries Agriculture and productive Recovery in a joint statement. The FSC timber will be part of the National Council of the industry.

“This is very important because it is the first time we are led by the Department of Industry. A policy of the state” is happening, told AFP Luc Charmasson, Vice President of Strategic Committee and president of the Union of wood industries. It will “shake the industry,” he said.

Seven working groups, involving more than 200 people (manufacturers, operators, unions, government), began to meet in mid-February to finalize a contract this summer. Among the issues discussed: industrial wood supply, technological innovation, corporate finance and needs training.

The proposed measures “must also be sufficient to promote the use of wood in construction.”

The timber industry is worth about 50 billion euros in sales in France, and employs a total of about 450,000 people. The sector suffers from a trade deficit of some 6 billion euros. It was inscribed on the list of 34 priority sectors of the “new industrial France” drawn up by the government.

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