By ExploreSCM Staff – The Department of Trade and Industry reinstates the mandatory certification of locally manufactured or imported plywood to ensure quality to customers.

Trade secretary Lopez said that imported substandard plywood pose unfair competition in the local market and threatens public safety.

“While consumer safety has always been our priority, this is also our way of protecting legitimate manufacturers and importers, especially during this time of the pandemic,” he added.

To comply with the mandatory certification effective October 30 this year, the government will begin the quality audit of locally manufactured or imported plywood.

“Regulating plywood is part of DTI-BPS’ mandate to establish standards that will ensure the production and distribution of quality products for the safety of the consumers,” the Trade Chief said.

Under the DAO, only plywood sourced from plywood manufacturing plants with valid Philippine standard quality certification mark licenses will be permitted to be distributed, sold, and used in the country. Both local and foreign manufacturers selling plywood in the Philippine market can apply for such licenses.

The trade chief explained that part of the efforts to ensure consumer protection thru Standard conformance is the continuous review and consultations for other critical products such as steel sheets for roofing and general applications, ceramic tiles, concrete masonry units, and ceramic plumbing fixtures.

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