Yglworld – Benefits of ERP software for wood industry:

  • Process scheduler
  • Compliance
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Inventory management
  • Stock management
  • Waste management
  • On-demand business data access
  • Sales pipeline
  • Accounting
  • Monitoring high performing vendors
  • Global visibility
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Machine Integration
  • Smart Manufacturing

Our Beyond ERP for wood industry helps you throughout the various key processes including the purchase of raw wood to its delivery. 

With developing technology, improvements in software world and rapid digitalization in all areas of industry, it becomes necessary that a software that can analyse the data generated by machines communicating each other, which Industry 4.0 brings along, plan all the resources of the enterprise according to this data.

Today, MRP and ERP software are used to manage manufacturing processes and plan all resources in an enterprise, respectively. The goal of these software is to achieve zero-defect production while efficient use of scarce resources. In enterprises using ERP, the quality and quantity of an order is set from the first moment the order is received. The software calculates lead times of raw materials and semi-manufactured products that form the order and may give out an estimated end-time of production according to the occupancy of production line. If another order is received that makes the shift go overcapacity, the software proposes a second shift or overtime until the bottleneck in the shift is over. Otherwise, it indicates that it would revise delivery times. This prevents the occurrence of any deviations in the scheduled time. ERP not only benefits as such, but also determines raw materials to be consumed, analyses the existing ones based on stocks, determines the number of missing ones and supplies them quickly. ERP makes it possible to calculate costs in terms of expenses such as raw materials, labour, operation, rent, depreciation consumed up to the manufacturing of the order, thus the risk of skipping any item can be minimised. Additionally, after sales service can be monitored, and necessary improvements can be made. In this way, customer satisfaction can be kept at maximum level.

At this point, the transfer of a well-designed system to ERP and the storage of important data to be analyzed expedite the decision-making processes. In the transition process to Industry 4.0, which is referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, it is also examined what ERP software could bring about the management of business and the processing of big data.

YGL is one of the largest providers of ERP and Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions in Malaysia. YGL is also the dominant Web and Apps based internet portal provider in the Asia region. YGL is also the Service Provider with our in-house team comprise of Certified Accountant, Software Designer, SQL Database Programmer, Dot Net Developer, Mobile Android & IOS Developer and Software Consultant in Malaysia and the intellectual property right is owned in Malaysia. Currently the software is being exported and deployed in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, China, The Philippines, Mauritius and Australia. Our parent company is listed on BURSA MALAYSIA and owned two (2) MSC Status companies. Our Research & Development Centre is having the capabilities of develop turnkey system. Currently we are working with MITI, MATRADE, Malaysia Productivity Corporation and Penang Skills Development Centre on Industry Revolution 4.0 project. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have emerged as the core of successful Information Management and the Enterprise backbone of an organisations.

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