Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

Are you confused about choosing the best formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines? If yes, welcome to this article!

Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

Here are the best formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines you should be buying from.


VINAWOOD stands at the top of the list of the best formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines. It was founded in 1992. How the company has maintained constant persistence in the quality of plywood is exceptional. It has evolved dramatically over the years and has emerged to be a leading name in the plywood industry. 

The main products offered by the VINAWOOD include Film Faced Plywood, MDO, MDF, Marine Plywood, Formwork Plywood, and others. They deliver to 35 different countries. The clients of this company belong to Canada, North Korea, the USA, and of course, the Philippines.


PERI is one of the leading formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines. The company was founded and run by a family. Right after the launch, it instantly grabbed the attention of potential customers for its innovative manufacturing techniques and high-quality wood products. The best thing about this company is that its customer service is always responding. They also give free consultation sessions about the suitable plywood for your project.

PERI Formwork Plywood Suppliers
PERI Formwork Plywood Suppliers

PERI claims its Formwork product to be lightweight, reusable, workable, and smooth. The products stand true to the claims in strength and durability. The professional staff conducts tests of the plywood before dispatching it for distribution.

3- Plywood Africa Formwork

This is one of the excellent formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines. This company believes in delivering more than the expectations. That is why they make such durable and robust wood products that developers from international countries place orders. Plywood Africa Formwork never fails at meeting both the deadlines and expectations of buyers.

Moreover, this company has innovative making methods that do not damage the environment as much as most plywood manufacturers do. First, high-quality raw material is selected, then the making procedure is done. Once the plywood is ready to be delivered, tests are conducted to check for defects. Due to the extensive making method, the offered products by this company are always up to the mark.

4- Thinh Phat

Thinh Phat holds excellent credibility for the best manufacturing and formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines. This company makes the finest Formwork Plywood that can potentially boost the value of construction projects. Not only does this company offer premium-quality plywood, but also at reasonable rates. So, buying from them is a win-win.

Furthermore, the variety in plywood is also huge due to the available styles, variable thickness, and sizes. Their plywood is used in several construction projects, such as preparing the concrete for commercial/residential building projects and many others.

5- Great Starway Ventures Phils

Great Starway comes under the popular prime formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines with three or more layers. You can choose the desired thickness since the products are available in various thicknesses and sizes. The exceptional durability and strength of the offered plywood set it apart. All features of good plywood are present in their product.

Great Starway Ventures Formwork Plywood
Great Starway Ventures Formwork Plywood

The excellent raw material ensures the superb quality of the final product. The bending strength enhances the smoothness and flatness of the plywood. As a result, it turns out to be easy to handle. Also, their plywood is reusable a lot of times before replacement.

6- Rocplex

Rocplex is another one of the famous formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines. They claim their products to be the finest and durable as the best plywood version can be. All this is true; the happy returning customer in colossal number is evidence. The efficient manufacturing process gives smooth, workable, strong yet lightweight Formwork Plywood. 

The Formwork Plywood provided by this company is waterproof, stable, and contains resisting properties. All such traits convince developers to keep choosing their plywood again and again. Their wood products are used in various projects such as vehicle making and building construction etc. 

7- Cambodia Plywood

Cambodia Plywood is a manufacturing company serving for many years now. The main products offered by this company include film faced plywood, marine plywood, and formwork plywood. It has been on the list of the leading formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines.

The fact that they never stay struct to the same methods makes it unique. Yes, they keep striving and improving their techniques to upgrade the product quality and durability. The range of thickness and size available is vast, offering suitable products per your project.


MLIM is an excellent choice for plywood which delivers to the Philippines and other countries. It has been years since it has been serving premium quality Formwork Plywood along with different types of wood products. The well-maintained consistency in meeting the buyer expectations of this company is praise able.

The expert teams ensure that the manufacturing goes as planned. The quality control lab tests the batches before dispatching. Thus, their plywood is strict as per the national and international standards. Moreover, buying from such kinds of formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines is an investment, thanks to the high reusability of the plywood.

MLIM Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Philippines
MLIM Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

9- Santa Clara Plywood

Santa Clara Plywood is an authentic name for formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines manufacturing industry. Their plywood is always durable, with all features of ideal plywood. The prime raw material and innovative making methods add value to the plywood. Thus, the plywood ultimately brings value to the construction project it is used in.

The excellent Formwork Plywood offered by this company has the potential to resist corrosion and wear and tear. Its smoothness does not go away even after you have re-used it multiple times. It is due to the strong structure that keeps the whole product put together for an extended period.

The Bottom Line!

Formwork plywood plays a vital role in laying the foundation of concrete. Make sure that you buy it from the right company that stays true to its words. All the manufacturers, as mentioned earlier, and formwork plywood suppliers in Philippines are credible, authentic, and trustworthy. Some of them even export to foreign countries like VINAWOOD.