Buy Formwork Plywood

If you are looking for the best company to buy formwork plywood from, you are at the right place. Here you will know about the top 9 plywood manufacturers in the world you must buy from.

Companies to Buy Formwork Plywood

Let’s look into the details of each formwork plywood supplier:


A famous name of Vietnam, VINAWOOD, is the best and the wisest choice to buy formwork plywood. Working since 1992, this company has evolved to a great extent. Today, it stands as a credible entity in the world of plywood manufacturers. It has managed to maintain consistency in the excellence of wood products.

With 700+ expert employees and exporting to 35+ countries, this company is a perfect stop to shop for wood products. They have a vast making process involving ten steps to ensure the fineness of the final items. They make MDO, MDF, Film Faced, Marine Plywood, and other products. 


PERI is a family company manufacturing and supplying formwork from Malaysia to other countries. This company made its name for efficient and safe wood product making. They offer personalized and friendly customer service, making clients return to them whenever they need plywood.

PERI Formwork Plywood
PERI Formwork Plywood

The unique corporate culture, advanced manufacturing process, and the ability to fulfill their claims are the factors setting PERI apart from other companies.

They have an expert team who ensure the final quality of the wood products is prime. Formwork Plywood and Scaffolding are their main products. It started as a small business and turned into a strong identity is evidence of its success.

3- E Warehouse

E Warehouse is one of Malaysia’s top local plywood suppliers to buy formwork plywood. This company believes in attaining success not once but every day anew. That is why they are always reliable in delivering good quality formwork plywood. 

Formwork plywood itself is an environment-friendly wood product. E Warehouse further ensures that the manufacturing process does not damage the environment by installing efficient machinery and tools. 

Their trained staff guarantees that every batch of formwork plywood that leaves for distribution is up to the mark and quality expectations of the buyers.


DOKA is a credible formwork plywood manufacturing and supplying company. They make fine plywood sheets that contain the potential to add value to construction projects. Choosing this company to buy formwork plywood will be helpful for you not only in terms of quality but also financially. Yes, they offer wood products for reasonable prices. 

Moreover, plywood sheets are available in a wide variety. Since they import raw materials from different regions, you can find diversity in their products.

They help developers choose the suitable plywood as per the project by consultation sessions. Their wood products are used in different projects like buildings and ships etc.

5- United Timber Works

United Timber Works supplies formwork plywood with three or more layers. They use either film faced plywood sheets or uncoated plywood sheets in manufacturing. Their formwork plywood has outstanding durability and strength. Moreover, it constitutes all properties of a good quality product. They use excellent raw materials.

United Timber Plywood Products
United Timber Plywood Products

As a result, their final product contains the potential to enhance the construction project’s value. The exceptional bending strength ensures that the application is smooth and the finish is flat with no cracks. Moreover, this plywood is reusable; thus, it is wise to buy formwork plywood from here. The properties and the strength remain the same no matter how many times it is used.

6- UFP Concrete Forming Solutions

It is an American formwork plywood supplying company to buy formwork plywood. Claiming to have their word concrete, this company never fails at meeting the expectations of developers. They have a fast-manufacturing process with minimum labor cost. The machinery they employ is advanced and efficient, transferring these two qualities to the product. 

Their formwork plywood is waterproof, super-strong, stable, and smooth. So, developers choose their product for the sake of these traits. The project portfolio of this company is also diverse, having their plywood applied to different types of construction projects such as vehicles and buildings, etc.

7- Specialized Panel Products

It is a UK-based company presenting various plywood products, including formwork plywood. From Birth plywood to film faced plywood, they sell almost all wood products used in panels. Included in the largest plywood distributors of the UK, this company keeps expanding and improving. Yes, they have displayed a good show of growth in their firm over the years. 

The wide variety includes extra thick plywood, mesh, Douglas Fir, Hexa, Pine, Beech, Laser Plywood, and many others. The range of sizes products are available in, is also huge. All these properties of this company make it the perfect to buy formwork plywood.

8- Shree Ram Wood Industries

Shree Ram Wood Industries is a certified company offering formwork plywood in India and abroad. Serving since 1997, this company is famous for its excellence in quality. They have a hardworking team of workers who ensure proper functioning at each manufacturing step. 

The quality control lab tests the items against standards before sending the batch out for distribution. This company sells different products such as shuttering plywood, film faced plywood, marine plywood, etc., in variable thicknesses and sizes. Their wood products have tensile strength and resistant properties to moisture and fire, so you can choose this company to buy formwork plywood.

9- Rilico

Rilico is a Chinese formwork plywood manufacturing company. Their product is so solid and durable that you can re-use it 30 times. Yes, the patented technology employed in the making process and the high-quality raw material enhance the excellence of the final product.

Rilico to buy Formwork Plywood
Rilico to buy Formwork Plywood

Their formwork plywood does not get eroded by the cement. In fact, it has good resistant features. That is why developers use it multiple times because it is strong enough to retain smoothness and toughness over time. Fancy Plywood, Commercial Plywood, MDF, LVL Scaffold Plywood are other products offered by this company. You can also choose this place to buy formwork plywood.

The Bottom Line!

Formwork Plywood is a strong, durable, and eco-friendly wood product. Being made of thin layers of plywood sheets, it is a perfect choice for making concrete surfaces. 

If you want to select the best company to buy formwork plywood, it’s VINAWOOD from Vietnam. However, other companies listed above are also credible.