VIETAWOODS- Nowadays, film face plywood chosen widelly by contractor in contruction due to outsanding preferences: light weight, high durability, many times of reuses, good surface quality, easily-assembled steps and so on. Below is steps of guideline in construction of film face plywood for your reference.

Executing the work of film face plywood

Step 1: Setting up scaffolding system

The scaffolding system need erecting on flat and firm surface. Put mental bars on flat wooden beams to certain height under technical requiremnets.

 film face plywood

Step 2: Speading main mental bar

The main bar has good impact force, lying on U- shaped of scaffolding, have appropreate distance about 600mm – 620 mm.

 film face plywood

Bước 3. Scattering auxiliary bar

Being bearing bars linking with film construction panels with screws, distance between auxiliary bars about 40mm, depending on thickness of plywood and concrete, you can cut coppa panels, but it is noted that they are swept with paint and waterproof adhesive at cutting points to enhance durability.

 film face plywood

Step 4. Joining film face sheets toghether

Uniting coppa floor: they will linked coppa panels each other and glue horizontally joints.

Connecting coppa beams with pillar

 film face plywood

Step 5. Dismantling coppa and preservation

After making concrete floor at complety joined level, panels will be removed under order from pillar, beam to floor by turn finally plywood. Film face sheets will be cleaned  to preserve under the right process in order to reuse for nex time.

film face plywood