Big River Group

Birch S/BB Select plywood from Big River Group comprises an S-grade face veneer and a BB backing, making this unfinished European birch plywood suitable for offices and shop fitouts. It is suited to interior applications including but not limited to: furniture, joinery, school fittings and wall and ceiling linings.

Manufactured in Europe, Birch S/BB Select has a fine texture and a straight grain. Its high-quality S-grade face veneer contains minor imperfections and occasional small pin knots, while the BB back allows for slightly larger knots and repairs, as well as discolouration and mineral streaks.

Birch S/BB Select interior-grade plywood features a multi-ply edge detail, which can be accentuated with a clear finish. The colours of the plywood itself can range from creamy whites through to biscuits.

Four dimensions are available:

  • 12 mm × 2,440 mm × 1,220 mm
  • 18 mm × 2,440 mm × 1,220 mm
  • 24 mm × 2,440 mm × 1,220 mm
  • 35 mm × 2,440 mm × 1,220 mm

FSC-certified Birch S/BB Select meets quality management standard ISO 9001:2009 and produces no harmful emissions.

  • Birch plywood suitable for multiple interior applications
  • S-grade face veneer and BB-grade backing
  • Edge detailing can be coated in clear finish
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