Maximum flexibility. High throughput. Minimum equipping times.

New.siemens – First and foremost, woodworking and timber processing machines must have two key attributes: They must be efficient over the complete value-added chain – and they must be energy efficient. Only then are they cost-effective enough to be globally competitive – both today and in the future. Presently, the competition is characterized by the trend towards individualized mass production – and this will certainly remain the case in the up-and-coming years. Especially when it comes to this topic, digitalization with the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio offers a wealth of opportunities and value-added potential – but only if the software and hardware work seamlessly together. Here, you can read how your woodworking or timber processing company can enjoy a sustainable future; what innovative ideas there are for one of the oldest raw materials in the world – and how you can profit from the unique Siemens portfolio of drive and automation technology.

Vietnam Plywood

Vietnam Film Faced Plywood

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