Hindustansteelsuppliers – Plywood is made peeling the trees to obtain veneers (slices/sheets of wood). These veneers are then stacked upon each other and firmly bonded using resins. Since several sheets are thus bonded together, the core of the plywood and its front and back faces need not necessarily be of the same material. So only that plywood whose front and back faces is made out of Gurjan hardwood can be called as Gurjan plywood.

MR Grade Plywood

Highlights :

Superior Bonding

MR Grade Plywood is Bonded with Superior Bonding Quality of Resin to Resist Ply for 12 Hours WWR ( Warm Water Resistance ) Against 3 Hours as per BIS Standards

Twin Press Technology

MR Plywood is Manufactured By Twin Press Technology which Results into :

  •  Warp Free
  • Super Strong Bonding
  • Zero Surface Core Gaps.

Super Smooth Surface 

Thick Face of Superior Quality Gurjan Veneer & Uniform Thickness are Used to Make Super Smooth Surface.

Borer & Termite Resistance

Each Core Veneer Layer of Plywood is Treated with Combinations of Various Toxicant Chemicals by VPI Technology to make Plywood Resistance to Borer, Termite & other micro organisms.

Superior Screw / Nail Holdings Capacity :

 MR Grade Plywood is Manufactured from Selected Single Species 100% Dryer Dried Hard core Veneers Which Gives Ply Superior Nail / Screw Holding Capacity.

All Weather Proof 

MR Grade Plywood Manufactured with Single Species Core Veneers, Bonded with Enriched Resin & Gurjan Ply, Pressed under Pressure & Controlled Temperature, Balanced Construction, Chemical Treatment etc. Making Plywood All Weather Proof, Dimensionally Stable, Durable & Long Lasting.

What is MR grade plywood?

MR grade plywood means Moisture Resistant plywood. In India, it is also known as Commercial grade plywood.

The important features of MR grade plywood are listed below.

  • It is an Interior grade plywood, suitable for indoor use.
  • The term MR (moisture resistant) can be a bit confusing in this regard. But customers should note that ‘moisture resistant’ does not mean ‘waterproof’. It only means that the the plywood is capable of resisting humidity and moisture.
  • The most common use of MR plywood is for making home and office furniture. Customers who want waterproof plywood for their furniture should opt for the better quality BWR grade plywood, which is waterproof and made using phenolic resins. BWR grade ply costs more than Commercial MR grade ply, but it is better for making furniture that is likely to get wet e.g. Kitchen cabinets.
  • The Indian Standards specification number for MR grade plywood is IS:303

Benefits :

  • Superior Bonding
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Super Smooth Surface
  • High Impact Indentation Strength
  • High Screw Holding Strength
  • Termite Resistance
  • Fungus Free
  • Weather Resistance
  • Quality Checked As Per ISI Standards

Specification :

 Size in Feet8 F X 4 F = 32 SqFt7 F X 4 F = 28 SqFt
Size in Meter2.50 M X 1.22 M = 2.97SqMt2.13 M X 1.22 M = 2.60 SqMt  
Thickness6, 8, 12, 16, 18 MM

Application :

For furniture that is not likely to get wet, for example beds, bedroom cabinets, wall panels etc., interior grade MR type of plywood is suitable.

My grade commerical playwood
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