Goldpine – Goldpine is the place to go for all your outdoor timber needs. With a huge range of top quality timber supported by a team of trained Outdoor Timber Specialists whose job it is to take you through the options to find you the best value, you can be confident of getting the right product for your outdoor timber project.

Top Quality Timber

Only the best timber makes it into our timber racks. At Goldpine you will find timber that is of consistent size, grade and condition. This means that every time you purchase timber from Goldpine, you know you are going to get top quality timber.

Huge Range to choose from

Outdoor timber comes in a wide range of grades, sizes, lengths and treatments. For your outdoor timber project, you need to make sure you are using the right timber for the job. At Goldpine you will find an outdoor timber range second to none. Whether you require decking, fence rails, landscaping timber or plywood you can have the confidence that Goldpine will have the right outdoor timber product for your project in stock.

  • Farm Rails
  • Big Boy Timber
  • Rural Timber
  • Diamondback Decking
  • Residential Timber
  • Landscaping Timber
  • Plywood
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