YourGV- A tractor-trailer hauling plywood spilled the boards onto the roadway at the intersection of U.S. 58 and 501 in Riverdale on Wednesday morning. South Boston Police helped direct and reroute traffic as the Virginia State Police investigated the crash that involved at least four vehicles. Plywood boards were scattered from the intersection all the way past Burger King causing traffic to back up. It was undetermined whether there were any injuries. Three other vehicles sustained damage in the wreck. One had been rear ended and had damage to the back of the vehicle, and the other two appeared to sustain damage related to running over the plywood in the road. One vehicle was sitting on top of a stack of the plywood. Franklin’s Towing was on scene and also a fork lift was brought in to help move the boards out of the roadway so crews were able to reopen the intersection fully. State police did not provide any details on the crash as of press time.

PHOTOS: Plywood spills onto highway causing traffic mess 3

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