Exportersindia – Strong and durable, Archer Platinum Plywood (100% Burmese Gurjan) is ideal for multiple applications. It duly meets the expectations of quality conscious architects, designers and interior contractors. Some of those quality parameters are as mentioned:ARCHITECTS’ CHOICE

  • Plywood should be 100% calibrated. Equal thickness at all points. Uniform length & width of all sheets.
  • Plywood should be of high density with strong bonding.
  • Plywood must be treated against the termite and borer attack.
  • It must have better water resistance quality.
  • Plywood should be flat & should not bend or warp.
  • It must have high screw & nail holding capacity
    • Strong bonding: Does not delaminate during its application.
    • No core gaps inside the plywood. Stays strong for years.
    • Face veneer does not chip even at the edges.
    • Even surface: Ply is calibrated to obtain quick and better lamination of mica or veneer.
    • Archer Ply has high nail holding capacity, even at the edges.
    • Archer Platinum comes with high load-bearing capacity, ideal for use to make all kinds of furniture.
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