Plyterra Antislip is a special brand for non-slip birch plywood. Both sides of the panel are overlaid with film which is made of high-density paper impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resin. The slip-proof plywood has one side coated with smooth film and the other side with film having wire mesh surface, that guarantees maximum anti-slip protection.

Smooth and slip-proof surfaces of film faced plywood withstand various weather and chemical conditions, while multi-layer structure of panels provides exceptional strength and makes them perfect for the production of wear-resistant surfaces.

Anti-slip (F/W) plywood is used for flooring of trailers, vans, rail vehicles. In addition to transportation industry, our specific product with non-slip surface is also used for flooring when constructing warehouses, loading platforms, scaffolding, playgrounds. Slip-proof plywood has found its application in shipbuilding for decking of RORO ships.

Plyterra Antislip is manufactured on the basis of our Exterior birch plywood, i.e. Plyterra Birch Exterior. Durability, strict thickness tolerances and resistance to banding make the base plywood very popular.

As a supplier of high-quality anti-slip plywood, Plyterra Group guarantees maximum slip resistance, minimum rolling wear (Rolling test) and high wear-resistance (Taber test) of the material.

As veneer is coated with film, only the defects of laminating are considered in grading. In addition, defects of wood which are noticeable outside are taken into account. Each side of the panel, either anti-slip or smooth, corresponds to one of the following grades: I, II or III.

Water-resistant coating is available in different colors and densities. Edges of the panel are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint.

The launch of production of anti-slip film faced plywood with hexagonal pattern is planned for the second half of the year.

You may contact our managers to buy anti-slip plywood directly from producer.

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