Improve wood recovery in the composing process with pre-coated veneer tape and string.

Adhesives Coated Solutions for Plywood

Our adhesives coated tapes and strings service the following markets and applications:

• Parquet manufacturing and composing
Plywood manufacturing and composing

H.B. Fuller’s plywood adhesive coated solutions improve wood recovery in both green and dry veneer composing processes.

H.B. Fuller has developed a non-toxic application that adds an alternative to your plywood composers. Our Sesame® Green Veneer Tape can add another option for your composing operations, and benefits include:

• Free of formaldehyde
• Increase dryer efficiency on random veneer
• Reduce core voids and laps at layup lines

Sesame® Veneer Tape and string: Sesame® Veneer Tape is used in the veneer sheet composing process, holding pieces of veneer to make large sheets. This product helps plywood manufacturers reduce voids and waste and maximize wood yield and production efficiency, leading to increased mill profitability.

Sesame® Green Veneer Tape: Sesame® Green Veneer Tape is specially formulated to compose veneer while it is wet. The tape is heat activated during composing, but is designed to maintain bond through the veneer drying process, thereby making it versatile enough to be used for either wet or dry composing.

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