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What can be the use of plywood when decorating the facade of a house? This material is often used for upholstery of internal and external walls, but classic applications rarely represent something extraordinary. However, it is plywood that is perfect for translating creative ideas. This material is often preferred due to the fact that it is presented in a wide price range. It is not necessary to allocate a space budget for the original home improvement.

Form is what makes it possible to create an architectural masterpiece using basic materials and colors. The photo shows a building whose walls look like turns of a snail’s house. The atypical oval shape, the emphasis on asymmetry and the use of FC plywood for upholstery are the nuances with which a chic structure is formed where you want to spend a weekend with your family or make friends for a get-together with pizza.

Plywood is suitable for the implementation of any architectural solutions; dozens of variants of this material are presented on the market. They differ in texture, size, color.

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The surface of this house gives a feeling of home comfort. Wood allows you to make every corner perfect, using details that perfectly match the building in shape. The use of plywood varieties is becoming increasingly popular, because its monotonous color, diluted with soft natural stains, looks natural and attractive. Wood shades smoothly transition from light wheat to coffee. And the texture of the tree, which appears through the lacquer coating, creates a wonderful decorative effect.

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Windows have a very non-standard look. First of all, it is worth paying attention that they are not at the usual level, where you can put flowers or put a plaid on the windowsill for a cozy pastime. Stars are visible through such glasses. Through them, it’s nice to see how the sky is filled with clouds with a fluffy structure and fairy shapes. FSF plywood, the application of which is shown here, becomes an elegant frame for each window, as if flowing deep into the wall.×280&!2&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=S7hgP3y1Rn&p=https%3A//

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In this picture, the properties of plywood are clearly visible, because one of the main advantages of the material is the ability to build a real architectural miracle from it, without using additional stone or decorative plaster, for example. Amusing curls and a careful transition of the floor into the wall, the elegance expressed in every centimeter of this surface makes the house exceptional, it becomes the embodiment of a new category of classics. Its design shows simplicity, perfectly combined with a barely perceptible chic.

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Plywood differs from many other materials by moisture resistance. This material is able to withstand any water leakage and not be deformed.

This material makes the building extraordinary, especially extravagant. But it is important to maintain a balance that will not allow the building to be too elaborate and tasteless. For example, in this case, the door has a standard size and shape. It is favorably emphasized by a black frame, as if in a picture with a delicate landscape someone circled a particularly significant element with a coal-colored liner.

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In such a house you can spend an unforgettable weekend, no matter what type of vacation you prefer. Say, after busy workdays, you only dream of lying on a large soft sofa, drinking semi-sweet white and reading a new novel in a glossy cover. The best thing to do is surrounded by walls, where different types of plywood were used. A spacious room with a beautiful cladding on all surfaces and natural light will become your little paradise.

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It is in such a cloister that one can escape to bring thoughts in order and create a new grandiose project. A computer, a comfortable armchair and clouds in the delightfully blue sky above your head are an atmosphere that inspires and helps you focus on your ideas. To implement work plans, you need a simple interior with a calm color, the building in the photo fits perfectly into this description.×280&!3&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=FyPDnm2yIj&p=https%3A//

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In the evening, surrounded by darkness, this creative structure looks magical. Soft light spreads around the area around the house, making the atmosphere truly magical. Moisture-resistant plywood, the application of which you see in the photo, looks great at any time of the day. To make the exterior of such a building attractive, there is no need to create a whole garden with roses and chrysanthemums. Exactly trimmed motley green grass will delightfully complement the modern image of the house.

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Working with plywood is quite simple, it is easy to saw, and therefore you can give the material any shape. Drilling and fastening parts of plywood is also not a difficult task, but looking at the final result of your work, you will be amazed at the beauty of the structure. The building in the photo is just one of many ideas on how to use this material to create an exquisite facade of the building. Here, the same amount of attention was paid to both the exterior of the building and its interior design.