Menafn – Shin Young Wood Co., Ltd., the finest wood manufacturer which was established in 1994, has built a high level of reliability in the industry as a supplier of industrial pallets, export packaging, and wood for interior/construction.

The factory site of Shinyoung Wood is about 1.3 ha and is equipped with a cutting-edge wood processing line such as fire retardant and antiseptic pressure impregnation device, low and medium temperature, high frequency dryer, automatic pallet maker, automatic cutting machine, molding machine, CNC laser engraving, and heat treatment facility. 

Its main product is wooden pallet that is supplied to exporters, and it has a variety of directly imported lumbers, and has a sales scale of about 7 billion won. The company is widely recognized and it was selected as a rising star and winning various awards at the following occasions: an export contest held by Forest Service, Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) Certificate in Jeollabuk-do, Promising SME in Export Certificate, Korea Pallet Industry Award, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, US FDA certification, Logistics Standard Facility Certificate, and Management and Technology Innovative SME Certificate.

Fire retardant, quasi-non combustible wood and natural/carbonized deck materials produced by Shin Young Wood are mainly used at construction sites of lightweight wooden houses and Korean cultural properties like hanok, public facilities such as schools, welfare facilities, government offices, and multi-use facilities; it also continuously expands market share by developing far-infrared sauna rooms, heaters, and partitions made of cypress wood known for its highest content of phytoncide (= natural antibacterial material). 

Among them, fire retardant and quasi-non combustible woods are known to protect people and property from fire by minimizing toxic gas as they are uniformly injected with an eco-friendly water-soluble phosphoric acid-based fire retardant resin to form a carbonized layer in case of fire to block oxygen and heat supply and to increase fire resistance and delay ignition in case of fire.

In addition to its fire resistance, fire retardant and quasi-non combustible woods have greatly improved the dimensional stability of wood and also maintained its natural phytoncide scent while has a good control function over temperature and humidity, on top of beautiful color and pattern of wood.

This product is already in the state of patent registration, its manufacturing method included, and is a technology-intensive product that has been recognized both domestically and internationally for its performance and eco-friendliness.

Kim Jong-hwan, CEO of Shin Young Wood, said, ‘Our fire retardant, quasi-non combustible wood and cypress consumer products have added advantages such as fusing cutting edge technology and top notch wood and we expect them to receive a good market response not only in the domestic market but also in the overseas one. He added, ‘We are putting continuous efforts to rise as an export company with R & D and reliability as our top priority.

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