Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in Cambodia

Shuttering plywood is a type of plywood used to create temporary structures, such as scaffolding and formwork. It is made from thin layers of wood veneer glued together with waterproof adhesive. There are many shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia, and the quality of their products can vary greatly. It is essential to do your research before selecting a supplier and asking for past customers’ references.

Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in Cambodia

Here, we have discussed the top 10 Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in Cambodia.

1- VINAWOOD, Vietnam

VINAWOOD is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wood products in Vietnam. The company offers a wide range of products, including shuttering plywood. Moreover, its shuttering plywood is made from 100% hardwood and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Furthermore, VINAWOOD ranks among the top 500 leading brands published in a Vietnamese report. They have over 700+ professional employees that make this great company more amazing. Therefore, they can be your following big suppliers for the shuttering plywood.

2- Sunrise Plex

Sunrise plex is one of the big shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia. Being a certified company with a branch in Dubai, it serves its clients in the Middle East region. Sunrise plex has been providing high-quality shuttering plywood to its clients. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and machinery to manufacture its products.

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Sunrise Plex Shuttering Plywood Suppliers
Sunrise Plex Shuttering Plywood Suppliers

These services are not limited to only shuttering plywood but also provide many other options such as marine plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber, etc. Thus, they are one of the most reliable manufacturers if you want your next shipment.

3- Saleh International LLC

Saleh International is one of the most trusted names for plywood and has a good reputation in the market. The company is based in the United Arab Emirates but has a branch that works like other shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia.

They make a lot of plywood that gets sent to developers for making furniture, interior decoration, and other things. Their shuttering plywood is also used to build high-end ships and other marine items. So, if you want the best shuttering plywood suppliers, Saleh is an excellent option for you!

4- Victory Times

Victory Times has established itself as one of the best shuttering plywood suppliers due to its experienced staff and expert leaders. They focus on producing high-quality shuttering plywood. The goods are critical in the creation of:

  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Other Outside
  • High-End Construction Projects

They offer a competitive market price and fast delivery so that you can start your next project as soon as possible. Thus, Victory Times can be your big next stop if you are interested in a lumber-related project next time.

5- United Timber Works

Another famous shuttering plywood supplier in Cambodia with headquarters in the USA is United Timberworks. The company is one of the very few in the world with its sawmills, which gives it a unique and unparalleled ability to control the quality of the plywood it sells. The plywood produced by United Timberworks is made from top-grade lumber harvested from sustainably managed forests.

This ensures that the plywood you get is the highest quality and meets environmental standards. In addition, United Timberworks also offers a wide range of other wood products, such as doors, windows, flooring, and decking. They have a certification from Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM. Thus, we can conclude that this company is a one-stop-shop for all your wood needs.

6- Linyi Aisen Wood Product

Aisen Plywood uses a lot of plywood shudders. Plywood that Aisen offers has many advantages and performance characteristics. Aisen plywood uses factory-made veneer sheets to produce cost-effective products.

The supplied plywood’s exact size and sound structure guarantee no cracking or warping over time. The ease of construction and the comfort provided by this product make it ideal for use in any building situation. Therefore, if you’re looking for a supplier, Aisen is counted among the reliable shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia.

linyi aisen wood product
Linyi Aisen Wood Product

7- Trailbug India

Trailbug India is one of the recognized and trustworthy shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia, based in the Indian subcontinent. It has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who work diligently to provide you with the best quality product.

The shuttering plywood that they made of the finest quality materials and underwent a rigorous testing process to meet all the required standards. This makes Trailbug India one of the best options for plywood suppliers, and they’ll love to take your next order!

8- Madar Plywood

As one of the leading shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia and the Middle East, Madar Plywood has earned a reputation for manufacturing exceptional quality products.

The company uses only the finest timber and veneers to create its plywood, then glued together using adhesives with high resistance properties.

You can rest assured that the plywood you purchase from Madar Plywood will be of the highest quality and exceptional performance.

9- Chanta Group

One of the other shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia is the Chanta Group. The company is famous for the economical and highest quality products that have caught good attention from worldwide.

Their wide range of products and customization options are also important reasons developers choose them. Their sturdy and impressive plywood is highly durable, which compelled us to include them in the top 10 best shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia.

10- Lutai Building Material Group

Lutai Building Material Group is a company that specializes in the production and supply of wood products to building firms. The group has three factories that occupy a total area of 3,600,000 square meters. They have benefited from their years of experience producing plywood.

Lutai Building Material Group
Lutai Building Material Group

Since 1964, their company has attracted a lot of user engagement worldwide. That’s why they have over 1000 employees that work collaboratively to make the company more successful. Furthermore, they provide shuttering plywood that’s long-lasting and efficient in various environments.

The Key Takeaway

There are many shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia, but only a few stand out from the rest. Here, we have discussed the top 10 best shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia. They offer high-quality products that are strong, resilient, and easy to handle. So, these suppliers are worth considering if you’re looking for shuttering plywood. However, the best amongst them is shuttering plywood suppliers in Cambodia is VINAWOOD.