Shuttering plywood plays a significant role in Building Homes, offices, construction Furniture, etc. Not many shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines are available; however, here are some of their best. 

Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

This article covers those shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines, which are the most professional and trusted brands in the Philippines.

1- Ekopine Oy South Africa

Ekopine Oy refers to one of the most trusted shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines with a series of products. The position of Ekopine in the international market is extraordinary because they test and monitor the product. Plywood products are extremely flat panels.

The manufacturing of shuttering plywood maintains the properties such as strength, durability, and lightweight product. Professional customer care services make the approach of customers easier. The guarantee of delivery time with care supports the Philippines’ clients.  

2- Haidery Plywood Pakistan

Haidery Plywood is one of the leading manufacturers and shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines, based in Pakistan. The company provides the best quality products and facilities to its clients in the construction business. Also, they utilize modern technology, machinery, and processes during manufacturing wood panels.

Haidery Plywood Supplier Pakistan
Haidery Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

Moreover, they never compromise the feature of long durability and are highly resistant to decay. The company offers a more expansive range of plywood products, and their competitive price of plywood attracts customers. The manufacturing happens under the protocols of environmental sustainability. 

3- VINAWOOD Vietnam

VINAWOOD is one of the emergent plywood manufacturing companies from Vietnam. It supplies shuttering plywood globally, including Asia, America, Canada, Japan, Germany, Japan, Philippines, etc. Vinawood is famous for its adequate consistency in being one of the best shuttering plywood suppliers in the Philippines. They deliver each kind of plywood, mainly film faced plywood, commercial plywood, shuttering plywood, marine plywood, etc.

VINAWOOD continues to advance the factory’s machinery because they are committed to testing and validating a shipment before shipping. The professional and friendly customer service makes the customers inquire at any time. Also, the manufacturing processes never degrade environmental sustainability. Purchasing from Vinawood never disappoints you.

4- Linyi Jiate China

Linyi Jiate specializes in manufacturing and exporting commercial plywood, film faced plywood, OSB, MDF, shuttering plywood, OSB, etc. Linyi Jiate has obtained FSC, EPA (Carb P2), JAS certificates. Their products are primarily supplied in nearly 100 regions such as the Philippines, Japan, Canada, the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Vietnam, etc.

If you are interested in their product, don’t delay contacting them. They offer a detailed description of the product before shipment, making them one of the unique shuttering plywood suppliers in the Philippines. The 24/7 customer service is available to respond to your inquiries. Also, your shipment approves before dispatch, and the product gets delivered without any damage. 

5- Tekcom Corporation Vietnam

Tekcom comes under those shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines which guarantee high-quality construction and building products. Trading on a larger scale, including the Philippines, Canada, the Middle East, and Aisa, they have formed exclusive scale, reputation, prices, and quality in the market. Over the period, the series of plywood, including shuttering plywood, improves its popularity in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, America, the Middle East, and other overseas states.

Tekcom Corporation Plywood Products
Tekcom Corporation Plywood Products

The manufacturing development brings the company into the limelight for international customers. Right product on proper time delivery surged the reviews and one of the reasons for clients to trust them. Also, they are responsible for completing the supply chain from sourcing products to factory management and delivery at the destination.  

6- Linyi Yachen Wood China 

Yachen Wood Group owns a significant place among international shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines, based in China. The production line mainly manufactures film faced plywood, laminated plywood, shuttering plywood, marine plywood, and other panels such as melamine laminated plywood. Their products are extensively sold in the Middle East, America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

It’s because they have a good reputation in quality, competitive prices, shipment, and after-sale services. The professional service and skilled team take environmental safety measures during production and shipment. 

7- GRD Enterprises USA

GRD Enterprises has a professional and experienced team that offers relentless service and quality products. They engage in production, importing the broader range of plywood with safety. Deploying the most advanced equipment for constructing plywood, the company conducts stringent quality tests for its products.

The certification and complete research have made the GRD Group one of the most trusted companies. Also, their construction equipment and constituents supply with extreme care and on committed time. Moreover, such shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines guarantee excellent shipping processes for carrying delicate products.

8- Greenply Industries India

Greenply industries come under the superb shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines, based in India. Their passion for quality and years of experience in plywood manufacturing continue to attract customers from the international market. They make premier quality products, including plywood boards shuttering plywood, laminated plywood, MDF. The consistency in the quality makes it famous across the world.

Moreover, the temperature and pressure are maintained while processing products. They ensure the monitoring and testing assessments closely and guarantee that plywood bonding is correct. The requirement of the customer is fulfilled with innovation and technological advancement.

9- Durbi India

Durbi is known for its outstanding quality. They manufacture with care in State of the Art, prepared with the latest technology and machinery types. The company believes in providing excellent products and even proposing the best business dealings and after-sales services. They yield broad series of Plywood that is supreme in durability and strength.

Moreover, high quality is a fundamental and core aspect of the plywood. The environmental protocols maintain surges the quality of the products. They are among those shuttering plywood suppliers who don’t waste any wooden panels during production. All these properties make it among the best shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines.

Durbi Shuttering Plywood Supplier
Durbi Shuttering Plywood Supplier

10- AK Group India

AK Group manufactures plywood ranges with highly equipped machinery and skilled labor. The reviews from the old customers compliment that their shuttering plywood is the best among all of their plywood products. After-sale services and shipment policies help them to gain an international position. Even though India is a small country to purchase plywood from; however, you will never regret buying from them. 

11- Kego Company Vietnam

kego refers to the leading company that offers primary goods such as plywood, Core veneer for plywood, shuttering plywood, and others. The residents of the Philippines are welcome to test their shuttering plywood without hesitation.

This work unblocks the struggle to find the best of plywood suppliers. You can easily purchase high-quality plywood at the best price from certified shuttering plywood suppliers in Philippines.

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