Shuttering Plywood Suppliers

Shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East are an essential part of the construction industry. Due to the water-resistant properties and high range of reusability, developers choose this product in the areas most exposed to extreme conditions.

Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

Here is the list of best shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East!

1- Saleh International LLC

Saleh International makes among the excellent shuttering plywood suppliers in the Middle East. The multitude of plywood manufactured by this company delivers to developers for furniture making, interior decoration, outdoor applications, and other purposes. Their shuttering plywood also has many uses in building high-end ships and marine items. 

This company is selective when it comes to raw materials. They choose prime wood that successfully turns into fine shuttering plywood. The shuttering plywood by this company is high in quality, attractive, and smooth.

saleh international shuttering plywood suppliers
Saleh International Shuttering Plywood Suppliers


VINAWOOD employs a 10-step extensive and effective manufacturing process. Thus, their shuttering plywood turns out to be excellent in quality and workability. The strength and durability properties of their product allow developers to reuse it multiple times.

All qualities are in their product, from water resistance to strength, durability, and reusability. They are legendary for always staying a step ahead of all shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East regarding the manufacturing process and foreseeing the needs of coming construction trends, etc.

3- Victory Times Plywood

Due to the expert team and professional leaders, Victory Times has emerged as one of the leading shuttering plywood suppliers. They specialize in making a prime-quality array of shuttering plywood. The offered products play an essential role in making roofs, walls, ceiling panels, windows, cupboards, and other outdoor and high-end building projects. 

Their water-resistant shuttering plywood can boost the strength and value of the project it is applied to. The watchful supervision of diligent professionals ensures the absolute fineness of the plywood quality.

4- Profina Plywood

Profina Plywood has been serving the Middle East and abroad countries with premium shuttering plywood for years now. They offer this product in variable thicknesses and sizes. The price range is also nominal and reasonable as per the product quality.

They imply avant-garde techniques to manufacture wood items. As a result, the harm to the environment is also minimized, and the end product properties are also robust. Committed to the work, this is counted among those shuttering plywood suppliers that never fail to meet deadlines and deliver up to the mark.

5- Arab Building Materials

It has been many years since Arab Building Materials served the most durable shuttering plywood in the worldwide market. They aim to boost the strength and durability of plywood products while opting for eco-friendly techniques. That is why they have employed advanced machinery and processes to harvest, manufacture, and distribute plywood. 

Being one of the most renowned names of the shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East and UAE plywood industry, this company is always consistent in quality and services. Here, you can find a broad spectrum of wood products from shuttering plywood to commercial, film faced, and marine plywood.

Arab Building Materials Middle East
Arab Building Materials Middle East

6- KAYREED Board and Timber

Kayreed is a socially responsible company supplying the construction industry with excellent building materials. Based in Africa, they deliver to over the Middle East. Their all-time available customer service and prompt delivery set them apart from other plywood makers.

The shuttering plywood offered by this company is superbly strong and durable. The smoothness of this product remains the same even if you use it multiple times. The pricing range is also reasonable, so you can ace your project without extending your budget.

7- Madar Plywood

Madar Plywood helps developers from the Middle East turn their creative ideas into reality. The strength, resilience, ease of handling, and flatness of their shuttering plywood are exceptional. 

This company manufactures plywood using strong veneers and timber and glues using adhesives with resistant properties. As a result, the final product comes out unique and smooth with a linear appearance. Their wood items hold an essential pedestal in the building industry. Thanks to these, some of the best shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East offer a deep intensity of endurance and toughness.

8- Aisen Plywood

Shuttering plywood by Aisen Plywood is extensively used. Thanks to its valuable features and properties. They make economic wood items using factory-produced veneer sheets. The offered plywood’s precise dimensions and sound structure ensure no cracking or warping over time. 

The durability of this product remains no matter how many times it is used. Moreover, the smoothness of plywood does not turn the building venue into a total mess full of wood specks and remains.

9- Ecplaze

Shuttering plywood by Ecplaza is made using quality wood sheets. It is one of the leading shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East, where the manufacturing process is advanced and effective. Thus, the final product is resistant to moisture and humidity. Its structure is also compact, leaving no gap between particles to get stuck. Developers use their plywood mostly in outdoor spots like windows, wall panels, etc.

Moreover, the strength of the offered plywood is evident in the fact that it can resist even fungal attacks or any germ infections. The areas most exposed to weather conditions can have this item for better maintenance.

10- Chanta Group

Chanta Group is one of the best shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East. Their products are ideal to be used as raw material for making furniture, renovating, building, and more construction projects.

Chanta Group Shuttering Plywood
Chanta Group Shuttering Plywood

The ever-growing relationship of this company with its customers stands it apart from other manufacturers. Because it leads to them understanding customer needs better and ultimately meeting the expectations. No matter what your demanded product is like, you can find it here because they offer a wide variety of sizes and styles.

11- Lutai Building Material

Lutai Building Material Group is specialized in making and supplying wood products to construction companies. All the years they have spent making plywood have helped them progress into one of the most renowned shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East today.

Developers trust them with the shuttering plywood because their product contains all the properties good shuttering plywood has.

The Bottom Line!

All the above-mentioned shuttering plywood suppliers in Middle East are great at meeting the expectations. However, the best one turns out to be the VINAWOOD. Established in Vietnam, it exports to 35 countries, including some from the US and the UK.