Architectureanddesign – Builda Panels supply a variety of plywood, including structural, non-structural, decorative and marine grade plywood. Our plywood sheets are suitable for a range of applications.

Plywood is an engineered panel, typically composed of an odd number of thin layers of wood veneers, called plies, bonded together with a rigid adhesive and with the grain direction of adjacent layers perpendicular to each other.


The cross laminated structure further enhances the high strength and stiffness to weight which is a major reason plywood is used in applications such as bracing, interior lining, flooring, formwork, cladding, road transport and materials handling.

Product Range:

  •  Structural Plywood
  •  Plywood Flooring
  •  Exterior Plywood
  •  Plywood Cladding
  •  Formwork Plywood
  •  Marine Plywood
  •  Interior Plywood
  •  Non-structural Plywood

Ask about our cut to size service:

When enquiring about our products ask about our cut to size service. We will be happy to help with all jobs no mater the size. Using the correct tooling we can cut both plastic and plywood to your requirements.

With over 25 years experience in the timber machining and manufacturing industry we are able to offer more than just a cutting service. Please contact us today about your project.

Free quote/request a sample for your next project.

Vietnam Plywood

Vietnam Film Faced Plywood

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