Quality structural works services in London carried out by fully qualified structural engineers & repair specialists who can deliver all types of structural works for commercial & domestic construction projects. Examples of structural works iIncluding basements from scratch, removing load bearing walls & we also have a deep understanding of propping and underpinning too.

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Vccrbuild - In construction, the structural works refer to the method of assembling and constructing structural elements. These structural elements make the entire building strong enough to sustain the load of further construction. They not only support the construction but also transmit applied loads in the safest way possible. Some of the popular examples of structural works would be bearing-wall, membrane, frame, suspension and many more. Also, there are three categories among structural works. They are termed as low-rise, long-span and high-rise. There are different types of structures too in an entire construction. Some of the examples would be cable structures, vaults, membrane structures, and domes.

VCCR Build Constructions expertise lies in structurally repairing the fabric of all kinds of buildings; heritage, commercial or domestic, delivering high quality, safe on-programme solutions for construction projects. We’re committed to using the very latest structural techniques to deliver high-quality workmanship.

Our priority is to deliver high quality, safe & viable on-programme solutions for construction projects including all structural works. Our meticulous approach to servicing our clients, means we always guide our clients through all phases of construction. We guarantee that your project will be customised depending on your needs, including structural designs for buildings,  alterations, designs for new builds & and appraisal of existing buildings in London.

The structural works team includes surveyors, contractors, developers, architects & building owners, working on all kinds and sizes of projects, from small domestic alterations and extensions to large commercial construction projects. Additionally, if you require structural engineer’s drawings we are able to refer you to known and trusted engineers that we regularly work with.

Structural works include:

Removing load barrel walls:

Engineers draw up detailed plans and drawings before effectively knocking through load-bearing walls. The removal of a load bearing wall must be carefully calculated and carried out to ensure the structure remains sound and stable. We understand that knock throughs, massively improve the design, flows & natural lighting in your building or property.


In structural works, propping is a system of structural members used for temporarily supporting loads. Propping materials come in various shapes and sizes, so can be used for a wide variety of projects. We often use acrow props to support medium loads, but other regular types we use include tilt props, trishore props, mono props and titan props. Our team accurately installs propping systems to provide safe and secure support to structures.


We undertake underpinning for various construction projects across London, including in Mayfair, Kensington and construction projects in East London too. Underpinning is the method of strengthening faulty foundations or increasing the depth of the foundation. Underpinning may be needed for a number of reasons, such as to support additional building storeys or to repair an unstable foundation. Our team is able to offer a variety of underpinning methods, including traditional mass concrete, which involves sectional excavating to a pre-planned depth (below the structures footing) and filling the excavated cavity with a poured concrete mix, which is left to cure.


Foundations need to be strong to ensure the safety, stability and durability of a building. The foundation of a building is the lower section of the structure that transfers its gravity loads to the ground.

There are two main types of foundations; shallow and deep. To determine which is best, we calculate the required depth in relation to the design of a building and the ground conditions. Shallow foundations are best when the surface soils offer enough support. Deep foundations are used to transfer gravity loads deep enough, to find the most suitable soils.


If you require contractors or subcontractors for refurbishment structural works in Central London, or even structural works in Greater London or nearby areas, our fully trained workforce can help. We provide structural repairs, renovations and modifications throughout London. The types of services we offer include substructure and superstructure works, concrete frame structures, façade retention and temporary works support. With project managers qualified in civil engineering and a wealth of experience, we are able to manage structural refurbishments from start to finish.


Excavation is the method of removing earth to form a cavity in the ground. At VCCR Build Construction Ltd, our team has years of experience completing excavations as groundwork contractors and subcontractors. We are trained to use heavy plant vehicles to excavate large amounts of materials such as topsoil, aggregates and muck. Our team is knowledgeable in essential Health & Safety policies to help protect workers on site, the general public and all nearby properties. We use various techniques and equipment such as shoring, guardrails and ladders, to safely support excavations and to prevent collapse.

What you can expect from our structural engineers:

• Careful planned and detailed structural calculations

• Building stage carried out by skilled tradesmen

• Projects undertaken in Mayfair and wider London area

• Tailored solutions and complete project management

• Safe structural works compliant with the latest regulations

• High-quality of workmanship at a very competitive prices

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