With so many challenges facing so many people, it’s nice to take a momentary break and look ahead – in this case, by looking back.

The Longshed was formally opened Thursday at Canalside, near the historic western terminus of the Erie Canal. It is a cavernous building that, in the coming years, will bring the community together to celebrate the bicentennial of the 1825 opening of the canal, the gigantic public works project that made Buffalo.

Between now and the 2025 anniversary, community volunteers will join boat-building professionals to construct a replica of the packet boat that then-Gov. DeWitt Clinton rode from Buffalo to New York City, along the path that opened the Midwest to the world and made this city rich.

The project is the brainchild of the Buffalo Maritime Center and stands to be a wonderful way to bring the community together in a project honoring Buffalo’s extraordinary place in the story of this country.

Talk about high-tech medicine: If you live in a certain part of Cheektowaga and need a Covid-19 test, you can get it delivered to you quickly – by drone.

The catch is that, for the moment, at least, you have to live in a single-family home within a one-mile radius of the Walmart store on Walden Avenue. That’s where the deliveries will originate in a trial run to determine if the giant company will expand the service elsewhere.

The effort can also be seen as Walmart’s determination to compete aggressively against Amazon, which plans to experiment with drones for routine deliveries.

It may not be The Jetsons, yet, but it’s a long way from Bedrock.

And on the subject of the futuristic cartoon show from the 1960s, for the second time in six weeks, someone has been seen flying using a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport.

Crew members of a China Airlines flight reported the sighting on Wednesday, about seven miles northwest of the airport, the Federal Aviation Administration told National Public Radio. The FBI is also looking into several reports from other witnesses.

Come to think of it, this may be less Jetsons than James Bond. Thunderball, anyone?

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