Sydneynewstoday – New Homes writer Erick Lopez is in the process of building a house with his girlfriend Shauni Levy. We follow his journey from buying land to locking up and moving in, gathering wise advice from other future home builders in the process. In Part 5, the couple is amazed at how fast things are moving as the brickwork is completed.

January was the most exciting and nervous part of the build so far. The brickwork process was magical. A small chunk of sand and weeds turned into a house.

We were absolutely obsessed with the choice of external bricks. I chose a sand-colored brick and was impressed with what it actually looked like. This closely matches the high retaining wall on the back of the building. I was also happy with the choice of the black window frame.

The bricklayer was moving so fast that it was almost daunting. Every time we visited the block, there was a lot of traffic between me and Shauni, saying “Is this going to be here?” And “Did you move this there?” ..

For Shauni and I, when the inner wall goes up, I think it turned our block into our home.

The first time I walked through a house with an inner wall, I felt incredible. I no longer had to imagine the layout and size of the room. Everything was right in front of me.

Immediately we were really impressed with the design of the house. The bedroom was a decent size given the size of our house and I was amazed at the size of the master bedroom.

It was clear that the open-plan living room offered maximum flexibility in the living room and dining area.

Many visits to our future homes showed the brick finish and the completion of the garage walls, and the home looked quite large.

By the end of January, the bricks had been completed, the front door was clearly visible, and the feature wall was completed in front of the house.

Given the shortage of bricks that affect many builders, we were lucky how quickly the brickwork was completed. A very big milestone has been completed and shattered.

Next time … How to choose roof carpentry and furniture.

There is no place like a house because the layout takes shape

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