Thousands benefit from developing wood industry in Quang Tri Province

English – This company in Quang Tri Province is currently expanding another production chain, targeting the EU, Japan, Australia, and the US. With an initial investment of nearly 70 million USD, this company produces roughly 120,000 cubic metres per year. Moreover, it has created thousands of jobs for local residents.

“Our newly-built factory has offered lots of jobs for the locals. It does not only help those working in the factory, but also indirectly creates jobs for local farmers – those working in the forest. There are about 10,000 of them benefiting from our factory.” – Cao Thanh Nam, CEO, Quang Tri MDF Geruco Wood Factory.

To date, there are about 19 enterprises in the area of Quang Tri Province that work in the processing industry, from wood chips and pellets, to furniture. These enterprises have helped develop the local economy.

“We are calling for more investment from both inside and outside Vietnam, especially in the wood processing industry, to make high added value furniture or products serving buildings.” – Nguyen Duc Chinh, Chairman, Quang Tri Province People’s Committee.

Furthermore, Quảng Trị’s local authority has invested in growing nearly 100,000 hectares of forest to serve the demand of industrial factories here. Nearly a million cubic metres of timber are made each year.

“We are planning to work with two provinces in Laos to collaborate on developing tree plantations for the industry. We think that if this is done, we can have a secured source of wood for production.” – Nguyen Duc Chinh, Chairman, Quang Tri Province People’s Committee.

These wood factories have helped to instill thousands of employment opportunities while serving to boost the economy of Quang Tri Province. At the same time, the vibrant forestry industry has reduced harvesting pressure on natural forests.

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