Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Asia

A bunch of plywood companies exists worldwide, but customers often wonder where to purchase the best film faced plywood. This article tells of top film faced plywood suppliers in Asia.

Best Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Asia

The write-up includes the significance of film faced plywood suppliers in Asia. 

1- VINAWOOD Vietnam

VINAWOOD was established in 1992 in Vietnam. Ever since, Vinawood has become one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the world. It supplies top quality of the film faced plywood, laminated plywood, marine plywood, birch plywood, MDF, and more. You will never regret purchasing film faced plywood from Vinawood. It justifies the features of plywood mentioned on the website.

Moreover, it imports to 35 countries, including Asia, the USA, Canada, and United Arab Emirates. They focus on innovative methods of cutting forests with the least environmental degradation. Vinawood consists of 700 employees who work hard to produce superb products.

VINAWOOD imports more than 250 containers of plywood per month. The company ensures the absolute satisfaction of customers with products and safe delivery.

VINAWOOD Plywood Suppliers in Vietnam
VINAWOOD Plywood Suppliers in Vietnam

2- Shandong Yuanang China

Shandong Yuanang was established in 2010 and gained popularity among international buyers. Shandong Yuanang film faced plywood supplier in Asia owns four subordinate factories and one trading company in China.

Their plywood factory exists in 23000 square meters using 12 plywood production lines. So, the production lines generate the best commercial plywood, film faced plywood, wooden panels, furniture plywood, laminated plywood, etc. Along with that, the best sell their wooden products in America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Quality keeps markets, and development improves progress is the successful motive of the supplier. They guarantee the on-time delivery of the product by less environmentally degrading methods. Also, the supplier has a certificate of onsite via world best inspection corporation,

3- Yingang Wood

Yingang plywood started manufacturing plywood in 1985. They offer excellent, durable, and top-quality film faced plywood. Moreover, they are being considered among the ideal film faced plywood suppliers in Asia because of their eco-friendly methods and techniques.

Their ultimate goal is to introduce innovative products and sustain a green environment. Furthermore, they don’t stop improving their industrial renovation. They have the most advanced position in the intentional market in Asia. 

4- Chanta Group

Chanta group is one of China’s best manufacturers which also comes under the good film faced plywood suppliers in Asia. Chanta group was established in 1995, and the company has a capacity of 54,000 square meters with 600 workers. Also, they export nearly 7,000 containers per year. Their main products are film faced plywood, commercial plywood, furniture grade plywood, MDF, wooden veneer, etc.

Chanta Group Plywood Products
Chanta Group Plywood Products

They supply hundreds of plywood species, including film faced plywood, in the international market. Annually the USA imports significant metrics of film faced plywood from them. Their manufacturing leaves no bad impact on the environment. It manufactures top-notch film faced plywood.

Moreover, the products of Chanta group exist in ships, offices, homes, electronic equipment, and more. They use advanced technology to customize plywood products. 

5- Master plywood

Master plywood was established in 2011 in Indonesia. Master Plywood is one of the prominent film faced plywood suppliers in Asia for supplying the best plywood products. Master Plywood works with all kinds of customers based locally and internationally. Reasonable prices and exceptional quality are the basis of the company.

Also, they keep the focus on maintaining the environmental protocols. It possesses vast woodland and uses the wood to recreate. They offer a wider range of products with different sizes, grades, and types.

Moreover, they offer the customer a great variety of choices. They supply products to their destination with proper care. They take the responsibility to alter the product and deliver the right product. They have a vast international market, supplying almost every type of plywood for home, ships, floor, restaurants, and electronics equipment.

6- ExportHub

ExportHub was created in 2007 in Canada. They globally offer the best quality products, especially to Asian Market. Millennium Plywood delivers the best types of construction and building plywood products, including MDF, film faced plywood, marine plywood, birch plywood, and more. 

7- China Emburg

China Emburg supplies plywood, melamine boards; film faced plywood products for furniture, construction, factories, and building materials. They supply fine quality film faced plywood made of birch and hardwood. Their furniture plywood sells in extensive furniture workshops with well-known brands in Europe, the USA, and Asia markets.

Plywood Suppliers in Asia
Plywood Suppliers in Asia

Moreover, they supply extraordinary plywood from tinniest plywood 1mm to heaviest plywood 50mm, broadest plywood 2000mm, and lengthiest plywood 6000mm. They produce weatherproof plywood with a certificate of 72 hours of boiling test.

Furthermore, they are best for supplying shuttering film faced plywood acceptable for more than 40 minutes and fireproof plywood with a warranty of 40 minutes. China Emburg meets all the requirements of strategic plywood manufacturing. They offer the best delivery services by choosing environmental techniques. 

8- Europly Wood Estonia

Eurply is a top-notch plywood supplier from Estonia. They deliver their products mainly in America, Asia, UAE, and some parts of Europe. Europly is the exporter and wholesaler of top-quality plywood, film faced, OSB, birch plywood, and various panel products.

Also, they have experience of 10 years in supplying panel and plywood products. They offer flexible and trustworthy deals with customers.  

9- Linyi Aisen Wood

Linyi Aisen Wood is one of the best China-based companies. The company strictly adopts the quality assurance protocols for manufacturing plywood. They export their top-notch plywood products in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, and Africa.

The employees of the company adhere to the statement’ Survival by Quality. They supply the best film faced plywood suppliers in Asia and worldwide with significant properties of the product.

Linyi Aisen Wood Products
Linyi Aisen Wood Products

10- Shanghai Qin Ge

They own ten production lines that produce 6000 cubic meters of plywood each month. The company exports various kinds of plywood products worldwide. Also, they have earned customers’ loyalty in many countries; therefore, the customers trust the company’s trendy designs.

They are best known for their top-quality film faced formwork, laminated plywood, and marine plywood. Moreover, they used advanced equipment to manufacture plywood products. The tools and techniques make the plywood more standardized and accurate.

The above-mentioned ten film faced plywood suppliers in Asia are the ideal ones. So, the residents of Asia can trust any of these suppliers to purchase film faced plywood products.