Wall formwork

Wisaplywood – Wall formwork casting calls for excellent strength and load bearing properties. WISA-Form plywood panels provide all required features – first-rate technical properties plus various coatings developed for different casting needs.

Our environmentally and economically conscious customers also appreciate the number of reuses possible with WISA-Form panels. By choosing the appropriate panel for their project our customers can use the same panel over and over again, up to more than 100 times! In addition, by using the WISA-Form Maxi sized panels, large joint-free castings can easily be achieved.

Formwork Systems

Wisaplywood – Strength and consistent performance in addition to dimensional stability are the key elements for customers who use WISA-Form plywood panels in their formwork systems. The panel is a structural part of the system design whether it is a fixed frame system or girder shuttering system. Furthermore, reliable and accurate deliveries enable our customers to plan their production more accurately and stay within the project schedule.

The WISA-Form plywood range offers several different surface options for prolonged service life for the systems. The same panel can be re-used over and over again, more than 100 times depending on the coating, and through that, gain substantial savings.

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