Greenotechindia – There are so many reasons for Wood Recycling but the major reason of recycling is world approaching closer to global warming. Growing environmental issues and global warming have given to individual many reasons to get recycle their waste products and reduce their global footprints. Uses of fresh wood increase in Industries day by day for different use like paper industry use fresh wood for making pulp, plywood Industry and transport industry use the same for carrying stuff and major use of fresh wood is in making Wood Pallets. Industry uses wood in Packaging Materials like wooden pallet, wooden crate, wooden box etc. Generally the wood pallets are uses by industries one time only and after that either it used for making furniture or in replace of coal in brick making sector or boiler plants. Even high quality of fresh wood like pine wood, Hickory Wood, Red Wood etc. used for industrial use and after one time use either it burned or used for making furniture. In India following wood used for making Wooden Packaging Pallets, wooden crate, wooden box etc.:

  1. Mango Wood
  2. Pine, spruce Wood
  3. Birch Wood
  4. Alder Wood
  5. Beech Wood
  6. Poplar Wood
  7. Fir Wood
  8. Oak Wood
  9. Ash Wood
  10. Hornbeam Wood

Use of wood also depend upon the uses of packaging stuff, either packaging made for local transport purpose or for export purpose, generally softwood pallets are used for export purpose because they are hight in weight. These types of wooden pallets are ideal for packing and exporting goods. These pallets are heat treated and are very light in weight.

As we are growing economy and industrialization in India growing very fast on yearly bases more than 1.5 billion pallets are made each year and about 5 billion pallets (Approximately) are in use across the country.

Wood Industry in India

Every day we are using products developed from wood, over 5000 products are developed from Trees. Trees play a big role in our personal life as well as domestic life. We use them from toothpaste to tires, tree-based chemicals and other wood by-products are all around us. They provide shade, oxygen, fruit, nuts and wood products such as paper, furniture and housing etc.

Plywood and furniture industry is growing day by day in India from last few years. The Indian furniture sector is approximately Rs.120000 Cr. (USD 20 billion) which offering livelihood for more than 300000 people, this industry has annual growth rate of 30%. It may be noted here that the Wood and Wood based Industry play a very vital role in shaping the robust growth of the Indian Economy. The Wood, Plywood, Furniture & other wood Products Industry is one of the key sectors having huge potential for gaining from these developments as India is one of the major wood-users in the Asia pacific region.

Indian plywood industry is approximately Rs.7000 cr. and the industry is growing at rapid pace of 10-20% per annum. In India Approximately 600 to 700 units are currently functioning all over the country. The export of wood and wood products from India has been reached by US $ 453 million during 2010-11 which was shown a growth of 20% compared to last years. As per Experts it reached up to US $ 600 million by 2020. Even India’s annual imports wood and its products have increased from $500 million to $2.7 billion over the past decade. India import wood and its products record $54 million in 2013 from.

Wood Recycling and Re-Use

The Indian Government in 1952 established a goal to raise the forested area to one third of India’s land mass. But pressure from humans to harvest wood for fuel and other uses along with clear the land for agriculture have prevented the government from reaching its goal. According to the 2011 Forest Survey of India, forests covered just 22 percent of India.

Wood Recycling or Timber recycling is the process of turning waste timber into new / usable products. This process is adopted in many countries in early 1990s and it very common in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Through recycling of wood we developed reused products, artificial wood etc. which is environmentally friendly. Recycling of wood help to grow and save the Trees, with this we developed same quality product what we developed with fresh wood.

In 2014 Green-O-Tech India enter in the wood recycling sector and become one of leading service provider for waste wood recycling. Green-O-Tech India had done a survey over 100 industries from the sector of Manufacturing, Automobile, Paint, Tools, Printing etc and we found there are billions of tons of waste wood available in industries. This wood is 100% fresh wood which was used for wooden pallet, wooden crate, wooden box etc. In general practices these industries are selling the same to local scrap dealers and they further sell it to furniture market, brick sector, boiler plants etc. These wastes are normally used as fuel for brick making and partly also for cooking. At medium or large establishments some of the wastes, like: dry sawdust and chips, are being used as fuel for wood drying process. We found more the 45% wood used for burning in replace of coal because it is cheaper for then and easily available in market. Some quantity of waste wood was also supplied to plywood industry but that is on very lower side. Generally plywood industry is not interested to us waste wood as raw material, they us fresh wood for manufacturing door, ply, penal etc.

Presently Green-O-Tech India get recycled 500 tons of wood on monthly bases for different companies. Still in India awareness about waste recycling is very low, and demand for Green Wood/ Timber is very less. The arrival of recycled wood as a construction product has been important in both raising industry and consumer awareness towards deforestation and promoting wood industry to adopt more environmentally friendly practices and processes.

Recycling of wood is not only beneficial for environment but also cost effective for wood industry. It helps to save trees and help to clean the environment.

Plywood is a popular interior material for housing, ships, vehicles, and furniture. Waste wood can be used as raw material in this industry. Ply wood industry have demand of billions of tons of fresh wood because this sector growing year by year. Even this sector didn’t able to match its raw material demand for high quality fresh wood. Presently there has been huge shortage of good raw material as wood is then natural commodity. The customers demand for high quality of products at higher rate for which the plywood need to procure best quality of raw material to ensure quality specification & to meet customers expectation. Waste wood uses as raw material will help them to get raw material with low cost and easily available and put hug impact on environment. Waste wood is often turned into new wooden products—such as recycled wooden flooring or garden decking. Even waste wood can also be shredded and stuck together with adhesives to make composite woods such as laminates.

Benefits of Wood Recycling

Generally everyone loves to have wooden floors in their homes/ offices because not only are they beautiful but it also helped to retain the heat. But if that flooring is made from recycled waste wood then it is not only beautiful but also low cost. Another benefit of recycled wood is that it is eco-friendly. No tree need to cut down to develop the same, it is just re-using the old ones that other people have discarded.

One of the best benefits of recycled wood about which generally peoples are not aware, that most recycled woods are actually stronger than new wood. When we manufacture new wood/ timber we need fresh wood and before using it, that wood will placed in a drying kiln to get dry the moisture inside of wood but it cannot completely remove at all. With recycled wood, you can be sure that the moisture content is almost zero because it is already dry for long time, thus making them very hard and sturdy. Recycled wood has the advantage of less moisture content about 20% as compared to virgin wood about 60% to 70%. This means for the same weight of wood purchased you have to pay for less moisture when it comes to recycled wood. The lower moisture content also means higher durability. With wood recycling we can reduce the raw material cost as well operation cost.

Wood recycling is more beneficial for panel board mills for the manufacture of chipboard, middle-density fibreboard and higher value fibreboard. Through the recycling of wood the recycling units helps to reduce wood waste and save wood resources which is more environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest benefits of waste wood recycling is to reduce the physical space that is otherwise consumed by wood in landfill spaces. Through introducing waste wood recycling companies adopted an environment friendly and business-minded approach.


As we know Trees are a renewable resource, but on worldwide there is a hug reduction in forested areas and current rates of wood use are not sustainable. Thousands of metric tons of waste wood available surround to us and the same is recyclable and there are resources like Green-O-Tech India are available to get it recycle. Through recycling of waste wood we save the Trees but directly put hug impact on environment.

Indian industry which produced billions of tons packing wood out of that 70% wood move for burning, if they start to work on the same it will be a huge impact on environment. Many countries like Australia, New Zealand etc doing a great working in the sector of waste wood recycling and converting the same into plywood or artificial wood.

Green-O-Tech India also an initiative which helps the Indian industry to adopt this green initiative of waste wood recycling. Presently Green-O-Tech India associated with 7 Indian industries to get their wood recycle and Green-O-Tech India recycling 500 tons of wood in a month. In India awareness about wood recycling is almost zero, even industries are also not showing much interest in the same.

Through adopting waste wood recycling we reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, Prevents pollution by reducing cutting trees and Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” Rabindranath Tagore

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