Film Faced Plywood Application

Eoncredgroup – What is Film Faced Plywood and Application?

Are there other Advantages ?
Besides, Film Faced Plywood is generally more convenient to use, easy to move, can be reused, and is good for environmental protection. 

What Colors ?

Brown Film, Black Film and Red Film.

Why choose Brown Film Faced Plywood ?

The brown film can give the plywood higher resistance to moisture, abrasion,

chemical degradation and fungal attack compared to ordinary plywood.

What is the Production Process ?

Planking → Molding →Cold-Pressing →Hot-Pressing→Deal Surface→Sanding→Laminated with Hot-Pressing→Sawing→Checking(one by one)→Printing(Waterproof edge) →Inter Package→ Outer Package

What Film Faced Plywood do customers need in the Middle East?

For Middle East market, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, etc. There is a very large requirement about Film Faced Plywood, especially Brown Film Faced Plywood, mainly one-time and two-times hot pressing Finger Joint Core and Fresh Poplar Core.

The Finger Joint Core Film Faced Plywood can be recycle used for 2-5 times.

The Fresh Poplar Core Film Faced Plywood can be recycle used for 8-10 times.

Regular size and thickness:1220*2440*18mm and 1220*2440*12mm.

Film Faced Plywood is used for their building projects or sell other buyers after buying it and get good feedback.

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