What is Marine Plywood used for?
George Hill– Marine plywood or just marine ply is used as a building material in marine setting, such as on ships or at docks. Marine ply performs well in humid or wet conditions or anywhere it will receive prolonged exposure to moisture. Unlike most woods, it will also resist the bending, warping or delaminating which can often result from too much moisture. This guarantees marine plywood’s durability, as well as the structural strength of any construction which makes use of it.
Marine plywood will be composed of several face and core veneers, with an effort to reduce the size of any gaps between the sheets. This ensures no water can become trapped. Sheets are glued together for strength and durability and a coat of water and boil proof (WBP) glue provides additional resistance to moisture. The highest quality of marine plywood may also bear the stamp of “BS 1088” compliance, giving testament to its resistance against fungal attack or structural damage.

Do you need it?
For building work in and around the house, for example when replacing your worse-for-wear bathroom or installing a new en suite, you may be keen to use marine ply. The resistance to rot and decay, as well as no structural deficits or warping from over-exposure to water, would suggest that marine ply is an excellent choice for these locations. However marine plywood is far more expensive than regular plywood so unless you have a large budget it is not the ideal solution. The excellent moisture-resistant properties of marine plywood will also only be utilised to full effect in a marine setting, such as on a dock or boat. While taking a bath or shower is likely to disperse a small amount of water around the room, it is never to the extent which merits the use of marine plywood. Instead, there is a less expensive but equally as effective material which can be used in your bathroom or en suite.

What is the alternative?
For indoor applications you can save money using the plywood sold in many trade shops and online stores

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