Mr Plywood Meaning

Yspanel – In the production and trade of MR grade plywood , the term “MR gum” is often mentioned. Many people know Mr. Plywood is cheaper than melamine and phenolic glue. But many people don’t know what moisture-resistant plywood means.

So what exactly does “MR glue” mean?

The “MR” is an abbreviation of the English phrase. “Moisture Resistant complete selection of hardwood plywood “. MR glue means “moisture-proof glue”. It can seen that the meaning of “MR” is different from the meaning of “melamine” and “phenolic”. Melamine woodworking  and phenolic are the names of the main ingredients in the glue. But like the case of “WBP”Commercial Plywood. “MR” only refers to one characteristic or property of a type of glue. “Moisture-proof” property. If a kind of glue has “moistureproof” characteristic, this kind of glue can called “MR glue”.

Ube noted that there should be no bulging. Or delamination between the surface veneer and the substrate. And between the layers inside the substrate. Third, we must choose a plate with low formaldehyde emission. It can smelled by the nose. The greater the smell, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released. The more harmful the pollution, and the greater the harm. Buy plywood manufacturer products with clear factory name. Factory address and trademark. And get documents such as test report. And quality inspection certificate from the merchant. For all kinds of new decorative varieties developed for plywood. Mr. Plywood should seen that the thickness of the veneer is thicker. And the thicker the better the performance. The more solid the wood feels after painting, the clearer the texture. And the better the saturation of the color. The diversified development of consumer demand. Puts higher demands on the innovation of plywood manufacturers. And the change of market orientation. As the majority of consumers. We must pay attention to the detection and research of quality and authenticity.

Resistant Property Of MR Grade Plywood

What plywood is waterproof? Moistureproof plywood is to cut into veneer by wood segment rotatory. Or by wood square plane cut into thin wood, the 3 layer that reoccupy adhesive agglutinate. And become or multilayer board shape material, use odd layer veneer. Make the fiber direction of adjacent layer veneer perpendicular agglutinate and become. Plywood with wood as the main raw material production of plywood. Because of the rationality of its structure and the fine production process. Can generally overcome the defects of wood improve and improve the physical. And mechanical properties of wood. Plywood production is reasonable use of wood. Improve wood properties of an important method. Classification of plywood a class of plywood is resistant to climate. Resistant to boiling water plywood. from here to there has the advantages of durability. High temperature resistance, steam treatment. The second type of plywood is water-resistant plywood . That can impregnated in cold water and hot water for a short time. Three types of plywood are moisture resistant plywood. can soaked in cold water for a short time, suitable for room temperature use. Used for furniture and general construction. The four types of plywood are non-moisture resistant plywood. which used in indoor normal conditions. They used for tip-off and general purposes. The materials used for plywood are basswood, ash, birch, elm, poplar and so on.

What Are The Different Moisture Resistant Plywood Types And Grades?

(1) class I (NQF) — weather-resistant, boiling-resistant various plywoods plywood.

This type of plywood is durable, resistant to boiling or steam treatment. And can used outdoors.

(2) Ⅱ class (Ns), water resistant adhesive bedplate.

It can withstand cold or short – term hot water immersion, but does not withstand boiling.

(3) Ⅲ (Nc), resistant to moisture plywood.

It has a certain moisture resistance, suitable for indoor use

Green Marine Grade Plywood Application

According to the use of plywood. it can divided into ordinary plywood, structural plywood. cement formwork plywood, fireproof plywood, special plywood. and so on

Waterproof plywood calls again “ocean board”, “Marine plywood”, a few USES that can see it from the name. can apply at houseboat, shipbuilding industry made. Carriage car body made, also can used at all kinds of high-grade furniture. For instance cabinet, chest, bathroom ark. Due to its excellent water resistance. Waterproof plywood is also suitable for outdoor wooden buildings.

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