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Plyboard Vs. Plywood

Many people often get confused with the terms “Plyboard” and “Plywood”. Though both are engineered wood products and have a similar external appearance, they possess distinctive properties and are very diverse from one another.

What is Plyboard?

Plyboard is a material which is made of wooden strips at its core and thin veneer panels at its top and bottom sides.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a material which is made by stacking and glueing several layers of wood veneers into one sheet.

The differences between Plyboard & Plywood

Plyboard is light in weight when compared to Plywood.Plywood is heavier than plyboard because the former is made of dense hardwood veneer at its core.
Water Resistance
Plyboard is prone to water damage as it is known to hold dampness.Plywood exhibits good resistance to water.
If plywood finds its application as long pieces, it tends to bend and sag.Plyboard is stiffer than plywood and therefore it is less inclined to bending and sagging. Hence when there is a need for a longer piece of wood, plyboard is preferred over Plywood.
Warping and Cracking
Due to its dimensional stability, plyboard is highly resistant to warping and cracking.Compared to plyboard, plywood shows less resistance towards warping and cracking.
Plyboard can withstand splitting.Plywood is impervious to splitting when working with it.
Plyboard doesn’t part on cutting.Compared to plyboard, plywood is difficult to cut as it chips gravely.
Throughout its length and breadth, the plywood’s structure is uniform.Plyboard tends to hold minor gaps which are invisible from outside.
Strength and Durability
If hardwood strips are used at its core, the strength of plyboard can be increased.Because of its uniform thickness, plywood is stronger than plyboard and hence more durable.
Plyboard is used for making long bookshelves, lengthy wall panels, tables, etc.On the other hand, Plywood is used for custom-built furniture (expect long ones), floors, walls, roofs, etc.
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