Why and How To Choose Plywood For Bed Frames?

Centuryply – Did you know that an average person spends up  to 33% of their life sleeping? That translates to almost one-third of your life, spent in a blissful slumber. Keeping that in perspective, it is hard not to realise the importance of your bed– you spend a considerable amount of your life in bed, which means that choosing the correct bed for yourself is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly or downplayed.

Shopping for ready-made beds is a thing of the past. At a time when customisation is key, adding your personal touch to your furniture is the closest you can come to establishing your identity through your furniture. Building your own bed frame is easy, fun & more common than you think. To make this process simpler, we have listed down a few ways you can choose the best plywood for your bed.

Tip #1: Size & Thickness of Plywood Sheet

The strength of a plywood sheet largely comes from its density– the number of plies or veneers that makes up one sheet of ply is one of the few deciding factors. Therefore, the more the number of plies, the thicker the sheet, the stronger it is. Needless to say, a bed frame has to be built to last. Not only that, it also has to have high load bearing capacity that can comfortably support the weight of multiple people. When planning your bed frame project you’ll need to take into account the weight of the mattress you’ll be using as well as how many people will be sleeping in it. Naturally, as you increase the weight of the things it will be supporting, the thickness of the plywood will need to increase.

Choose a thick sheet of plywood for your custom bed-frame to ensure the optimum level of functionality.

Tip #2: Type of Plywood Sheet

After determining the thickness of the plywood sheet for your bed frame, it is time to choose the perfect type of plywood. Depending on your choice, you could either opt for MR grade plywood or BWP plywood. Both work exceptionally well for bed frames.

All our plywood varieties are extremely strong, durable and resilient even in the face of changing weather or temperature conditions. They come with an additional shield that fights viruses, bacteria, fungus & microbes, keeping your furniture and those who touch them completely safe from harm’s way. 

After considering all possibilities, the following are CenturyPly’s recommended plywood for the perfect bed:

a)    Architect Ply: Live a life of luxury with one of our finest offerings, the premium Architect Ply. Made from exclusive hardwood species bonded with BWP grade synthetic resin, our Architect Ply strikes the perfect balance of high functionality & exquisite quality. With its 100% borer & termite protection and a lifetime warranty on the same, it is truly everlasting.

b)    Club Prime: One of India’s most trusted plywood, Century Club Prime is a premium waterproof plywood that is made up of more number of plies for added strength. Made by pre-pressing for the best quality, Club Prime is perfect for making a sturdy, good-looking & reliable bed frame.

c)    Bond 710: As the name suggests, Bond 710 is a strong BWP grade plywood that allows for a stable foundation to any furniture. Developed suiting all parameters of IS:710, it is a borer-termite proof plywood variant and comes with a 15 year warranty!

d)    WIN MR: If you want to go for commercial grade plywood, WIN MR would be our pick. Few brands of commercial plywood in India match up to CenturyPly MR Grade plywood. Made from imported seasoned hardwood and bonded with urea melamine formaldehyde under computer controlled temperature and pressure, they offer advantages almost at par with BWR grade wood panels, but at a much lesser cost.

Tip #3: Consider all Possibilities

After making the key decisions regarding the size, thickness and type of plywood, its time to read the fine print! Oftentimes you’ll realise that the mattress you choose may not be compatible with the bed frame you’ve so diligently created. The designs of some mattresses may not work well with plywood, not allowing it to breathe properly and causing issues with moisture. It can also cause the mattress to wear down quicker than usual. But if you ensure that your mattress and plywood bed frame are compatible, the ply can actually prolong the life of your mattress.

Now you know what the best plywood for a bed is, it’s time to start exploring. Head over to CenturyPly’s online store where you can shop for any of the products mentioned in this blog post.

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