Maxiply – When it comes to specifying plywood for design projects, it’s always wise to choose prefinished panels. Using prefinished plywood panels not only saves you time but also eliminates the hassle of coating the panels during the project. A pre-coated plywood panel has an excellent and consistent finish that also provides maximum protection and durability.

However, when you choose prefinished plywood, make sure you select a product that has been coated with a high quality finish so that you maximise your benefit.

In this article, Maxiply explains the many benefits of prefinished plywood panels to help you make the right decision.

What is prefinished plywood? 

Prefinished plywood is supplied fully coated and ready to install. Maxiply’s panels are prefinished with high-quality OSMO Oil from Germany, a hard wax oil system made using natural oils and waxes including sunflower, linseed, soya and thistle oils as well as candelilla and carnauba wax. The oil blend penetrates into the wood surface to provide protection from within, while the waxes form an elastic, microporous surface that protects the panels from moisture and abrasion.

How is OSMO Oil applied? 

OSMO Oil is applied during the plywood’s manufacturing stage using a state-of-the-art coating line. This method rubs and buffers the oil into the timber, allowing it to penetrate deep within the wood for maximum protection.

What are the key benefits of prefinished plywood?

Prefinished plywood panels save you time on installation and maintenance while delivering long-lasting aesthetic appeal to the installation.

Convenient: A prefinished panel eliminates the need to coat the product, saving you the effort. The panels will arrive on site exactly as specified and ready to install.

Saves you time: Since the panels are pre-coated, the time between ordering and installation is minimised. Longer term benefits include assured durability and high-quality protection of the product, which means you spend less time on maintenance and repairs.

Durable: The combination of oils and waxes in the OSMO Oil coating ensures maximum strength and durability. The prefinished panels have an extremely long life and require no maintenance, which means they’ll look better for longer with zero effort required.

Easy to repair: Panels prefinished with OSMO Oil are easy to repair. Even if the product is scratched or damaged, seamless repairs can be achieved even on larger areas, benefiting installers and joiners. This attribute is absent in products coated with surface finishes such as two-pack paints or powder coating.

Well-protected: The oil and wax contained in the coating work together to provide protection for the wood – inside and out. The wax surface protects the panels from moisture and abrasion while the oil penetrates the inside to protect from within.

Breathe easier: OSMO Oil features anti-static properties, which is good for those who suffer from allergies. The microporous surface also allows the wood to breathe, which can help to improve air quality.

Plenty of choices: Maxiply offers a large range of prefinished plywood products to suit your exact needs. These include Lucca, Veneer and Maxi Edge ranges, plus timber or ply products on request.

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