Why Our Ply?

Nakedkitchens – The birch plywood used to create our kitchen cabinets comes from the heart of the Scandinavian forests, the European birch species that grows there produces a light coloured, fine textured and dense timber; the perfect properties for our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Birch plywood has always been used widely in the construction, furniture, packaging and even automotive industries due to its excellent strength and durability. Although most birch plywoods have these brilliant physical properties, there are certain plywood’s which are superior…

Having extensively researched industries, suppliers, and certain species of birch to find the highest quality plywood, we discovered a plywood that mirrored our ethos of precision engineering. The core of our Scandinavian plywood differs from other traditional ply due to its thick void-free layers of solid birch. This stable and strong core means we are not limited by our material when it comes to designing and creating your ultimate bespoke kitchen. Our plywood’s thicker layers of solid birch also result in a balanced material that resists the natural, organic movement of timber.

From a production point of view, the stability of our plywood means is easier to work with, allowing us to cut it to finer tolerances when compared to other materials such as MDF. Our designer’s and joiner’s creativity now isn’t limited by material specification, and can craft a variety of beautiful yet strong joints to ensure your cabinetry lasts a lifetime.

dovetailed birch ply drawer box

Our plywood also has excellent resistance to humidity and moisture which we enhance with our innovative high-quality lacquer technology. This comprehensive protection means there is little to worry about if your cabinets get slightly wet, a vital property to have in a kitchen. We find it odd that so many cabinets are made with particle board, a material that fosters mold and deforms easily when wet. Although other engineered material edges look a bit clumsy, we find the edge of our plywood very distinctive and contemporary in a style with its straight, uniform lines. However, it is usually covered by a cabinet face-frame or lipped in a solid hardwood.

With a wonderfully thick face veneer that has a stunning light coloured swirling grain pattern, our birch plywood ensures your cabinet walls are just as striking on the inside as they are on the outside. Our plywood is available in a number of gorgeous hardwood faces or eye-catching melamine veneers in an alluring collection of colours.

colourful melamine faced ply

Our birch plywood carcasses can be veneered in real oak or walnut to create rich and warm cabinetry. However, we are being requested more and more by our clients for exposed Birch cabinetry – a stunning way to show off this materials organic and natural beauty. Customers are even choosing this eye-catching and versatile material for their door fronts and worktops.

IMG 0515 e1579791962766

With industry-leading durability and strength, a fine-textured, lustrous and characterful grain, and a multitude of customisable finishes for a completely tailored kitchen; our plywood doesn’t restrict us from creating bespoke kitchens that are meticulously designed and engineered rather than merely made.

Find out more about the materials our cabinets are made from, or why not get an idea of cost on your very own bespoke kitchen and then take a peek at some of the kitchens we’ve built to find kitchen inspiration.

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