Wood Industry Market Leader: Wendy Scott, Boutique Closets and Cabinetry

By Michaelle Bradford – A “perfect fit” is how Wendy Scott described her career in the closets and home organization industry. The Association of Closet & Storage Professionals (ACSP) president and co-founder of Boutique Closets and Cabinetry, located in New Jersey, has been designing award-winning closet projects for over 15 years. But how she got her start designing closets was entirely by chance.

“I had just started working for a new kitchen design company. After about a week, their closet designer left the company, and they asked if I wanted to try it. It was a perfect fit, and the rest is history,” she explained.

After that, Scott took every opportunity to learn as much as she could. “I signed up for the ACSP then later joined their Board of Directors. Before becoming president, I was heavily involved in the education committee. Attending conferences, speaking at conferences, being involved in the association, and growing my ‘design network’ of peers has helped me to become a better designer and more knowledgeable about the industry.”

Those learning experiences and connections made at industry events also gave her an advantage when she decided to start her own business. “I met my now business partner by random chance at a conference in Chicago,” she explained. “When the opportunity for us to start our own company came, we had vendors, competitors, and our “closet” friends from our network rally behind us in support and shared knowledge.”

While her design style is traditional, Scott has been trying to add more modern techniques. She also operates with the philosophy that “anyone can build a closet; it is ‘design’ details that set you apart in the industry,” she said.

It is that attention to detail which has garnered her several industry awards, including the Top Shelf Design Awards.

In her spare time, Scott and her husband like to go to the horse races, play softball and relax with their dogs and spend time with kids: their son, a Union Carpenter apprentice, and a daughter who is a combat cameraman in the

US army.

Scott also enjoys running. “I have run four marathons, eight half marathons, and three triathlons,” she said. “Most of my races have involved raising money for either Team in Training or for the Jimmy V Fund. Our company supports the “Spread the Joy Foundation,” which creates and brings boxes filled with goodies to hospitalized children. 

Quick Glimpse:

• Education: College and Registered Storage Designer, Certified Storage Designer and Master Storage Designer certifications
• Number of years at the company: 1.5
• Number of years in the industry: 15
• Word that best describes you: Industrious
• Business mantra: Everything happens for a reason.
• Best advice: You get out of it what you put into it.
• Who have you tried to emulate: There are many people in my closet network that I admire and go to for advice and mentorship. I have tried to emulate my father and husband,  two people with an incredible work ethic who get the job done.

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