Pce-instruments – At PCE Instruments, you will find a diverse range of wood moisture meter products used to determine the moisture contents of many different wood types. With the help of an accurate, easy-to-use, professional wood moisture meter, the moisture contents of wood products such as hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture, lumber, slats, beams, plywood, paneling, conglomerates, window frames, forestry wood, rolled products, building materials and more can be measured. A wood moisture meter can either be destructive (also called penetrating or pin-type) or non-destructive (e.g., non-penetrating, pin-free, or pinless).

A wood moisture meter is characterized by the measuring principle it employs and the moisture sensors that can be adapted to it. Depending on the model, a wood moisture meter can have special characteristics such as automatic wood species correction and automatic temperature compensation (ATC). Data from a wood moisture meter also can be stored and transferred to a PC or portable computer, if the model allows.

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