ZÜBLIN Timber to install 3,500 m2 of timber roofing for the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track in Oberhof, Germany

Lesprom – The approx. 1,350 m long bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track at the Thuringian Winter Sports Centre in Oberhof is currently undergoing extensive modernisation and renovation works.

ZÜBLIN Timber will install 3,500 m2 of timber roofing for the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track in Oberhof, Germany, company announced. The contract value for ZÜBLIN Timber amounts to Euro 4.6 million.

The challenging sliding track is roofed over 75% of its length. The venue features a vertical drop of almost 100 m with an average gradient of 9.2% and winds its way through 15 curves. ZÜBLIN Timber is responsible for the complex roofing of the track from curve 6 to 7 and from curve 11 to 15. The roof is largely free-standing with only a few supports. The structure complies with state-in-the-art standards while granting visitors and television crews the best possible line of sight.

The approximately 4,500 m2 roof construction consists of nearly 300 glued, curved plywood shells with a surface area of up to 18 m2. The shells are designed as free-form structures and are glued directly onto milled arches. On the inside, the new roof construction is fitted with a wooden strip formwork. The team from ZÜBLIN Timber is also covering about 500 m2 of the existing roof with a wooden ceiling on the inside using 153 individual 3.4 m2 elements. LENO cross laminated timber boards are being attached to the steel construction over an area of 739 m2.


The track was inaugurated in 1971 and had its first complete overhaul in 2004. The finalisation of the modernisation now being carried out by ZÜBLIN Timber is scheduled to coincide with completion of the overall project in the autumn of 2021. During the winter months, work will be suspended for several weeks due to training, competitions and preparations for the Olympic Games. The renovated track should be ready to host the Luge World Cup in January 2022. The World Luge Championships are scheduled to take place in Oberhof the year after that. (opens in a new window)    Write to us


Metsä Pavilion opens in Tokyo

06:44 PM / October 15, 2020

Metsä Pavilion opens in Tokyo

The Metsä Pavilion is Business Finland’s project with Metsä Group as the main partner. The pavilion was built fast and is now ready to host events organised by Business Finland and Finnish businesses. During the Summer Olympics and Paralympics, the Metsä Pavilion will serve as a home base for the Finnish national teams. Using Metsä Wood’s Kerto LVL as the main material made the construction fast, light and green.

The Pavilion stays open until the end of 2021, hosting various events organised by Finnish companies and organisations.

The Pavilion was designed by renowned Finnish architectural office Helin & Co. Architects. The designs for all the elements used in the Pavilion are freely available on Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood platform.

The Metsä Pavilion makes the benefits of using prefabricated Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) elements apparent. The elements were manufactured by a Finnish company, Timberpoint. The production of all the wooden columns, beams, and elements took only seven weeks at the factory. The assembly of the Pavilion at the construction site was quick. It took only ten days, thanks to the lightweight wooden elements. Additionally, the great workability of Kerto LVL brought rapidness to the process.

The connections of the Metsä Pavilion are designed so that the building can be disassembled and assembled again at a new location.

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