Discover the versatile and eco-friendly MDO 1SF Panel with Film Backer by VINAWOOD, perfect for formwork applications. This durable plywood offers a matte concrete surface, strong bonding and bending strength, moisture resistance, and an AA-grade core made from Acacia, Eucalyptus, and Hevea wood species. Choose MDO 1SF for a reliable and cost-effective construction solution.

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Key Features:

  1. Dimensions: Available in sizes 2440 x 1220 mm and 2500 x 1250 mm, with thickness options of 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, and 21mm, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  2. MDO Face: The panel’s MDO face, with a 325gsm coating, ensures a matte concrete surface finish without leaving grain marks, resulting in a professional appearance and smoother construction process.
  3. Phenolic Surface Film Backer: The back of the panel features a top-grade 125gsm phenolic surface film in dark brown color, providing excellent protection against weather conditions, chemicals, and wear, thereby prolonging the panel’s life.
  4. Bonding Strength and Bending Strength: With a bonding strength of 1 Mpa and minimum bending strength values of 20-35 Mpa (across grain) and 30-55 Mpa (along grain), the MDO 1SF panel offers superior stability and performance for various formwork applications.
  5. Moisture Content: A 12% moisture content ensures dimensional stability and resistance to warping in varying construction site conditions.
  6. Maximum Repetition: The MDO 1SF panel can be reused up to 15 times, making it a cost-effective choice for small to medium-sized construction projects.
  7. Core Grade: The AA Grade core, made from Acacia, Eucalyptus, and Hevea wood species, guarantees a high-quality product with excellent structural integrity.
  8. Glue Type and Formaldehyde Emissions: The panel uses WBP Phenolic glue for strong adhesion and meets E1 formaldehyde emission standards, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly option for your construction needs.
Experience the MDO 1SF Panel with Film Backer’s exceptional performance, durability, and versatility in your formwork projects. Trust VINAWOOD’s commitment to quality and innovation, and choose the right plywood solution for your construction needs.

Additional information

Dimensions (mm)

2440.00 x 1220.00 mm | 2500.00 x 1250.00 mm | 8 ft x 4 ft

Thickness (mm)

1/2" | 12.00 | 13/16" | 15.00 | 18.00 | 21.00 | 3/4" | 5/8"

Alternative Dimensions

4ft x 8ft x 0.47in | 4ft x 8ft x 0.825in | 4ft x 8ft x 11/16in | 4ft x 8ft x 19/32in


MDO 325 gsm


Phenolic Surface Film – Top grade 125 gsm

Face Color

Kraft Paper Color Light Brown

Back color

Dark Brown

Wood Species


Core Grade

AA Grade

Glue Type

WBP Phenolic



Formaldehyde Emissions


Maximum Repetition (times)


Technical Performance
Width & Length Tolerances (mm)

1mm per 1 meter

Thickness Tolerance (mm)

According to EN315: +0.56 / -0.76 | According to EN315: +0.65 / -0.85 | According to EN315: +0.74 / -0.94 | According to EN315: +0.83 / -1.03

Moisture Content (%)


Density (kg/m3)


Bonding Strength (Mpa)


Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Along Grain) (Mpa)

4000 | 6000 | 7000 | 8000

Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Across Grain) (Mpa)

4000 | 5000 | 6000 | 3000

Min Bending Strength (Along Grain) (Mpa)

40 | 50 | 30 | 55

Min Bending Strength (Across Grain) (Mpa)

20 | 25 | 30 | 35

Thickness Swelling (%)


Brand Name


Model Number

MDO30002440122012 | MDO30002440122015 | MDO30002440122018 | MDO30002440122021 | MDO30002500125012 | MDO30002500125015 | MDO30002500125018 | MDO30002500125021

Place of Origin