Top Form is surfaced with optional double coating 220 gsm, Vinawood Top Form will sustain your strictest requirements.

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Why Top Form?

Top Form is a product of superior quality proudly made in Vietnam. For customers that are used to Russian Birch Plywood, Top Form is a perfect alternative due to its equivalent density to Birch. Made with highest quality materials, Vinawood Top Form Film Faced Plywood will satisfy the strictest requirements for formwork panels.

What is Film Faced Plywood?

Film Faced Plywood is made from plywood that is strengthened with cross-wise structure. Film Faced Plywood is often used for formwork and shuttering purposes. Coated with 100% phenolic film, Film Faced Plywood will withstand many repetitions of concrete pouring while sustaining smooth concrete quality.

What is important in choosing Film Faced Plywood?

Key decision factors of Film Faced Plywood are its species, film coating, and repetition. These factors will determine how durable the panels will be, and the concrete surface they produce.


VINAWOOD is a mill in Vietnam with well-known reputation of over 30 years. VINAWOOD is also familiar with many standards and timber regulations that will make your journey consuming these panels easier. Over the past year, VINAWOOD maintains 99% satisfaction rates. It is also familiar with multi-modal shipping that will deliver Vietnam plywood to you fast, cheap, and safe. VINAWOOD is supplier of Top 5 Formwork companies in the world.

Additional information

Dimensions (mm)

2440.00 x 1220.00 mm | 2500.00 x 1250.00 mm | 8 ft x 4 ft

Thickness (mm)

1/2" | 12.00 | 13/16" | 15.00 | 18.00 | 21.00 | 3/4" | 5/8"

Alternative Dimensions

4ft x 8ft x 0.47in | 4ft x 8ft x 0.825in | 4ft x 8ft x 11/16in | 4ft x 8ft x 19/32in


Phenolic Surface Film – Top grade 220 gsm


Phenolic Surface Film – Top grade 220 gsm

Face Color

Dark Brown

Back color

Dark Brown

Wood Species


Core Grade

AA Grade

Glue Type

WBP Phenolic



Formaldehyde Emissions


Maximum Repetition (times)


Technical Performance
Width & Length Tolerances (mm)

1mm per 1 meter

Thickness Tolerance (mm)

According to EN315: +0.56 / -0.76 | According to EN315: +0.65 / -0.85 | According to EN315: +0.74 / -0.94 | According to EN315: +0.83 / -1.03

Moisture Content (%)


Density (kg/m3)


Bonding Strength (Mpa)


Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Along Grain) (Mpa)

5000 | 6000 | 8000 | 9000

Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Across Grain) (Mpa)

4000 | 5000 | 6000 | 7000

Min Bending Strength (Along Grain) (Mpa)

50 | 60 | 35 | 45

Min Bending Strength (Across Grain) (Mpa)

20 | 25 | 30 | 35

Thickness Swelling (%)


Brand Name


Model Number

FFP06002440122012 | FFP06002440122015 | FFP06002440122018 | FFP06002440122021 | FFP06002500125012 | FFP06002500125015 | FFP06002500125018 | FFP06002500125021

Place of Origin