VINAWOOD Film Faced Plywood is used for building construction and maintenance purposes. VINAWOOD Film Faced Plywood is made to transport and cut conveniently into differently sized form-work pieces. VINAWOOD Film Faced Plywood is water boiling proof, which made the products sturdy and able to be reused up to 20 times if cleaned and stored in a recommended setting.

VINAWOOD Film Faced Plywood
ขนาด 1220×2440 mm
1250×2500 mm
ความหนา 12, 15, 18, 21 mm
Glue type 100% WBP Glue
Core Eucalyptus/Acacia A Grade
Film Dynea Brown 165g/m2
ความหนาแน่น >=605kg/m3
ความชื้น <=12%
Re-use 5-20 times

Production process is strictly controlled and standardized according to ISO 9001:2008 and electronic production tracking system HDMS.

VINAWOOD Film Faced Plywood is produced in a strict production environment of high quality and well-trained employees. Products must meet strict standards before reaching customers.

Depending on maintenance and construction conditions, VINAWOOD Film Faced Plywood can be used up to 20 times while maintaining its core characteristics.

Write to us to learn more about VINAWOOD Film Faced Plywood and book a factory tour.

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