Eco Form Plus

Product Description

Eco Form Plus is an upgrade from our most economical product line — Eco Form. Eco Form can be used for approximately 6-8 times which are best for market that requires strict quality while having to maintain most competitive pricing.

Technical Options


Eco Form Plus Film Faced Plywood Core is made of 100% Tropical Hardwood with strict moisture content and grading management.


WBP Melamine Class 2 Plus glue is used to bond Eco Form Panels.


High grammage Phenolic surface films will guarantee beautiful surface while maintaining waterproof characteristics of the panels.


With 30+ years of experience in plywood making, 维纳伍德 is proud to say our plywood is very consistent in quality.

Eco Form Plus覆膜胶合板
Size 1220×2440 mm
厚度 12, 15, 18 mm
Glue type 100% WBP Melamine – Class 2 PLUS
Core Mixed Grade Tropical Hardwood
表面 165 gsm Phenolic Surface Film
密度 >=570kg/m3
水分含量 <=12%
Re-use Up to 8 times
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