Welcome to Vinawood Canada. Bienvenue! 🍁

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Welcome to Vinawood Canada. Bienvenue!

Established in 1992, Vinawood leads Vietnam plywood with high-quality, durable products that focus on sustainability and innovation.

Vinawood is your premier destination for high-quality plywood solutions. We are proud to offer products tailored to meet the needs of the construction and woodworking industries in Canada.

Whether you’re working on a large-scale construction project or a detailed woodworking endeavor, Vinawood provides the reliability and excellence you need. Explore our extensive collection, including Film Faced, MDO, HDO, MPP, Phenolic, and PP Plywood, all designed for superior durability and performance.


  • Established Expertise

    Leading Vietnam plywood manufacturer since 1992

  • Quality Products

    Superior formwork plywood for diverse construction needs

  • Innovative Solutions

    Advanced, durable, and reusable plywood designs

  • Global Reach

    Trusted worldwide for reliable construction solutions


Project Showcase: Verge at Islington & The Queensway

In this ambitious project, MDO 1SF and MPP Standard panels from Vinawood are integral to the concrete forming work, ensuring the highest quality construction:

With the use of Vinawood’s MDO 1SF and MPP Standard panels, Verge Condominiums guarantees superior concrete forming work, contributing to the creation of a modern and stylish living space in Etobicoke.

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Hi, I'm Andy Doan, a dedicated professional in the plywood industry with years of experience and expertise at Vinawood. I am committed to ensuring our products meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Passionate about sustainable practices and innovative solutions, I am your trusted partner for premium plywood solutions.