Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Cambodia

Introduction to Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Cambodia

Presently, film faced plywood refers to as a premium product for construction. The demand for products increases the suppliers globally. It is not easy to choose a suitable supplier. Therefore, we will guide you in purchasing from the best film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia.

Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Cambodia

his article mentions some of the leading film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia. 

1- VINAWOOD, Vietnam

VINAWOOD is one of the remarkable film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia. They manufacture and deliver practically all types of plywood in Asia, Europe, and America. Over the years of success, they maintain consistency in excellence and continue. It’s gaining more popularity among the customers because of delivering a product with promising features.

Moreover, it’s good to be committed to checking and verifying a consignment before shipping. They offer flexible and professional customer services and adopt the manufacturing processes in which none of the log wastes. Also, their products hold high impact resistance.

2- Angkor Plywood Cambodia

Angkor Group is counted among such film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia that promise to fulfill the quality control protocols. Their film faced plywood justifies the water-resistant, lightweight, and corrosion-proof features. Also, their daily manufacturing activities happen under strict environment-friendly techniques. The company guarantees secure dealings with 24/7 customer service.

Angkor Plywood Products Cambodia
Angkor Plywood Products Cambodia

Angkor Company invests a significant budget in developing the manufacturing methods each year. The log cutting and processing are satisfactory, so the log production rises since they plant their forests. They manufacture film faced plywood with care and apply special film coating of phenol and melamine. Also, their supply is all about the top-notch exterior plywood for building projects. Moreover, they cut the product into any desired size and deliver on time.

3- Linyi Xhwood China

Linyi Xhwood specializes in wooden-based veneers such as film faced plywood, laminated plywood, OSB, MDF, UV panels, and Particleboard. You don’t have to worry about the product quality, durability, and strength of plywood while purchasing from Linyi Xhwood. They promise to transport the product on time worldwide, especially in Europe, South East Asia, North America, and the Middle East. 

The manufacturer specializes in building commercial and fancy plywood, while the company’s production line covers 12,000 square meters. Nearly 600 skilled employees work in the production line. They stick to customer priority, innovation, and sincerity to earn customers’ trust.

Having the capacity to supply one million planks of plywood annually, it is the best choice for those customers exploring film faced plywood. The film faced plywood contains each feature such as water resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The plywood manufactures by the most advanced equipment in manufacturing, including cold press machine, hot press machine, cutting board machine, sanding machine, etc. 

4- Tan Quang Thanh Vietnam

Tan Quang Thanh comes under the best manufacturer and film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia. Supplying premier quality plywood, Tan Quang Thanh specializes in film faced plywood, bamboo plywood, birch plywood, and marine plywood for construction. The company develops a long-term relationship with customers and meets customers’ demands.

Fast shipment, competitive prices, a professional team, and warm service enhance the company’s position in the international market. Their customer service includes technical support and size-related problems. Modern and advanced manufacturing facilities distinguish the suppliers from the rest. Besides, they have made continual and significant investments in customer loyalty.

The brilliant service of safe and on-time delivery adds additional points to the supplier’s popularity. Also, the environment-acceptable manufacturing process makes it popular among others. Furthermore, the shipment security makes the customers able to purchase without reluctance.

5- WoodPeckerPly India

WoodPeckerPly owns a significant position in international film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia and globally. They continue to increase the production line day by day. Also, they don’t compromise on the quality of plywood to gain customers’ confidence. The versatile film faced plywood gained outstanding popularity in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Their plywood products include film faced plywood, laminated plywood, marine plywood. Also, they provide the opportunity to customers to choose the product of their desire. The supplier has gained a unique position based on price, quality, brand, and reputation. They follow the principle of innovation, mutual advantage, and equality.

WoodPeckerPly Film Faced Plywood Suppliers
WoodPeckerPly Film Faced Plywood Suppliers

6- Lanhigh plywood China

They mainly produce each kind of plywood and are one of the impressive film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia. The essential products are wood veneer, phenolic surface paper, film faced plywood, marine plywood, soft plywood, and more. They also provide after-sale services, including technical support and wrong product delivery. Along with that, they take responsibility for any damage that happens during the shipment.

Clients recognize product quality, and the company has established a long-lasting supplier relationship. A modern and innovative manufacturing machine makes it superior to other suppliers in Cambodia. The company cooperates with customers worldwide with excellent quality and professional service.

7- Juana Thailand

Juana Thailand is one of the new and professional film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia. They focus on furniture-grade plywood, including MDF, film faced plywood, laminated plywood, marine plywood, birch plywood, and Particleboard. Never compromising on delivering excellent plywood, their utmost priority is customer satisfaction than spreading business.

Also, the equipment raises the quality of the plywood, which generates 50% of the annual revenue from Asia. Even they use environmentally pleasant means for manufacturing. 

8- AK Group India

Ak Group is a well-known title as the leading manufacturer and supplier. They don’t claim to be among the most prominent companies, and film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia, but they fulfill the ability to produce the highest plywood. Their building plywood products establish great importance to clients internationally. Advanced technological methods expand the exporters worldwide. Also, the high-quality forest products guarantee the life span of plywood. Film faced plywood develops by ecological processes.

9- Linyi Dexin China

Plywood products won a reputation in the international market for being the best film faced plywood suppliers in Cambodia. They have the limelight in the overseas market. They have an immense network of exporters in Asia, Europe, and North America, including Germany, Japan, and Canada. Their products cut into any size while preserving the thickness.

Linyi Dexin Film Faced Plywood Products
Linyi Dexin Film Faced Plywood Products

They commit to validating each product’s particular features, such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance. Film faced plywood finishes by applying the phenolic film. Customers look for plywood lacking water pockets on the edges; however, Dexin promises to avoid this inconvenience.

10- Asian Plywood India

Asian Plywood established a name amongst the film faced suppliers in Cambodia who ensure the excellence of the product. Their manufacturing process ends the plywood with neat and smooth corners. Also, they have qualified professionals with immense experience in building plywood.

The article has highlighted the properties of top-notch film faced suppliers in Cambodia. Cambodians are welcome to choose any of the mentioned companies without any hesitation.